Are You Preparing?
(A Super Important Question)

One Day Very Soon, Your worldly Journey Will End.

Are you excited and preparing for the day your new heavenly journey will begin?

No. That’s not a morbid thought.

It is reality. Face the Facts. You are going to die. Right? Shouldn’t you be preparing for what comes next?

Your current preparation will determine your future condition. You know this to be true in every area of life: In your health; in your gardening; in your sport activity; in your education; in your career; your business; your marriage; your children parent relationships; in your love for your community; in every area of your life—we all know this: Our Current Preparation Determines Our Future Condition!!

How much more does that apply to our future spiritual LIFE?

We have to stop lying to ourselves about this subject!! Let’s deal with the evidence, the facts, and with reality. That would be a good plan.

What could be more exciting, more challenging, more rewarding, and more important than preparing for the greatest adventure you will ever experience–Bar None!

Yes, Yes, many skeptics out there say “Heaven doesn’t exist.” They are “like” people who have never left their own country””never experienced a foreign culture first hand, and predictably, ” Yes. They lack vision. They are full of fears. Challenges about the future terrify them. Anger about the past poisons them.

But should we embrace and emulate such pathetic fear based thinking and living? Is that the Spiritual Inheritance we want to live in ourselves? … that we want to pass on to our children? Our friends and family? Our World? 

Far be it from me to want that. So I propose there is a wise and vastly more magnanimous alternative… “

[Please remember: this life is short lived. How many make it past 120 years, the limit God placed on our lives, due to the evil men kept perpetuating against Him.]

If you are placing all your bets on what you can gain, what you can have, and how good you can have it in this life, think twice. And do so quickly, your time is short. If you have not stored up for yourself true treasures in Heaven, what will you have on the day you depart from this world? Yes. Nothing.

Mark 8:36-37 (ESV)
36 For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul? 37 For what can a man give in return for his soul?

Betting on this world only is like going to the races and betting on a paper pony with a paper cut out jockey riding him. When you could be betting on a World Class Indomitable Thoroughbred Champion which is the sure bet to win the race hands down.

Do you really want to bet all your money and hopes upon a losing horse, one that didn’t have a chance to win, even before the race ever began?

If interested to learn more click here to Keep Reading.

Please be forewarned, this is not all light and fluffy reading. This subject beckons  to our best thinking, our best attention, and our best effort to dig in and fully explore, and then to plan accordingly.

Our New beginning …

If entering into God’s Awesome presence, is morbid; if desiring to see your own heavenly built custom mansion, or thinking about entering into your own debt free eternal home, which by the way being designed and built by God (even as you read this message, and He is filling it with the treasure you yourself provided to Him in your personal walk of faith and obedience, creating eternal rewards and blessings that will endure for eternity)—If that is uninteresting, or unworthy of a few of your brain cells, then I truly don’t know what is. 

If you have zero motivation to learn or little incentive to discover what God has planned for your eternity … What I can tell you is that something has gone terribly wrong. There is a major glitch in the software of your computer. There is a virus that has robbed you of your spiritual health,  your spiritual vitality, and you true spiritual inheritance into God’s Heavenly Reality—which, by the way, was purchased for you at a very high price to Himself.

The reason many lack eternal interest in Heaven, is due to a particularly nasty and venomous virus. If you have it:  It will hijack your Hope. It will redirect your Faith. It will poison and corrupt your ability to Love, and to Believe.

I am here right now to attack that virus and remove it from your computer, yet only with your permission, of course!

What I have to share with you is not some quick fix, some temporary bandage, some fake, sterile, apathetic religious Diddy. No. The cure to this virus, must be removed from the very roots of your heart, mind, soul, spirit, and LIFE. You need the only anti-virus program that has ever worked on this specific killer virus. 

The material shared on this Website is only a starting point. It begins to Open the Door, to your eternally secure and powerful, Life Changing, Eternity Defining, World Shaking Faith, that will come to You from God Alone.

If you choose to embark on this mission. Should you choose to accept it, it will require every mental and emotional skill you have ever known, and many your have yet to discover. 

Be forewarned. This is no safe journey. You will be attacked from within and from without. You will have seasons of doubt, fear, anxiety, depression, confusion, pain, woe, and you will make many stupid mistakes. 

Oh, yeah. I’m sorry. I’m guessing I just described your current life (and mine).  

But … on your new journey all these obstacles you will overcome, and all the temptations that have over powered you in the past, and all the lies that have deceived you in the past, will no longer have power or authority over you. Every drop of blood you give, every penny you spend, every sacrifice of time and material, every labor of prayer and faith and believing, will build a fruitful harvest that will command honor, and blessing, and praise, and glory, and joy, and peace, and dignity, and laughter, and gratitude, and beauty for all of your eternal Days.

You will be building an eternal portfolio of blessings that will never be stolen, corrupted, rotted, or defiled. In other words on this Your Heavenly Journey, that starts today, and everyday you say, YES, to your heavenly King; on this journey everything you do, everything you think, everything you say will have an eternal impact on yourself and everyone around you. You will be sowing eternal seeds, even without knowing it, simply by changing the eternal direction on your pathway of Life (instead of Death). Everyone watching you walk by will know in their spirit you are heading towards heaven. By your words and actions, your clothes, your presence and demeanor— everything about you, will be proclaiming the Kingdom of God—if you truly live and believe and live by The Truth, all these things will happen to you.

Have you been a coward? (Yes. I admit I have.) You will become Courageous. Have you been full of Pride, self-will, and self-seeking? (Yes, I admit I have.) You will become Humble, Real, Gentle, Approachable and Kind. Have you been betrayed? Have you known Heart ache?(Yes. I have.) I am sorry to say, this you will have to deal with in spades, but fear not, You have One on your Side, that has dealt with this Himself, and He will be with you all the Way. He will never leave you. He will never ever forsake you.

Maybe now, if you can see there is something deeply wrong when you have a lack of Hope, a Lack of Faith, a lack of excitement, a lack of urgency and reality in preparing yourself for your heavenly journey. May now, if you realize, that you never truly said, “Yes to your new King and to Living with Him in His New Kingdom”—that these are just of signs and symptoms of a much deeper and more dreadful disease, which we still a small window of time to remedy. There is a cure, but only if you choose to take immediate action, for tomorrow will be too late. No proper action delayed will be honored nor valued in your own soul, nor in the world around you. 

If you know the right thing to do now, but delay your action: What does that say about you? What does that say about your action? It says a lot. Moving on …

If the Treasure of Knowing God Personally, and drawing close to His Kingdom, and praying “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done,” doesn’t spur you on to prepare for “His Coming” or “Your Departure” there might be something missing in your heavenly understanding of His Kingdom, and His calling. In fact, I’m sure there is. And it’s critical you know what is missing.

If so, be pleased to “abide here” for a little bit (aka, “read on”), this material was written especially for you.

Maybe, you’re thinking your Departure is still 20 to 50 years in the future, but it’s possible it could be next week”no one knows for sure. Even if it is still 200 years ahead, that’s barely a drop in the Bucket compared to your own eternity with God.

If you haven’t already started preparing, it would be incredibly wise to begin preparing today. Start sowing good seeds into your heavenly investment account today. These will bear eternal fruit for tomorrow. As far as investments go, you would be hard put to make a better one. Remember, your investments in Him and His Kingdom pay eternal dividends.

The rewards you have laid up for yourself while here on Earth: Will they be any good to you once you Pass Over? Will they survive the Refining Fire? or Will they be burned up? You need to know about these facts. (And NO! You will not be asked to give any money to this website, or this ministry, not ever. So, please strike that subliminal accusation out of the record book.)

Are you ready to pass through God’s cleansing and purifying fire, His Refining Fire? Do you know you will be born into a new body? Do you know you are going to be married in the After Life? Have you prepared yourself for an Everlasting Intimate Marriage Type Relationship? [That sound strange—but it is a core value and teaching in God’s Message Eternal Redemption.  It’s not a creepy perverted concept, but rather a pure and simple, affectionate and devotional relationship”that is rich in gratitude, thanksgiving, personal indebtedness, and much grace, like any good marriage relationship should be. More on this later.]

Check this out:

Let us be glad, rejoice, and give Him glory, because the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His wife [Bride, Partner] has prepared Herself. She was given fine linen to wear, bright and pure. Revelation 19:7-8 (HCSB)

Do you know who that Bride is? Do you know what her fine linen, white, bright, and pure clothing Means? (The Bride is the Holy and Pure Body of Messiah, the ekklesia, the holy gathering of the children of God.) Here is a little debate and pointed discussion on the topic.

Fine Linen: “Fine linen, bright and clean, was given her to wear. (Fine linen stands for the righteous acts of God’s holy people.)”  Revelation 19:8

So…Are you ready for your next step? Have your eyes been opened? Do you really See? Do you know what your next step will be? Being prepared is your key to a successful and bliss filled Eternal transition from this Life to the Life to come.

If you are not rock solid certain about your eternal future–now would be a good time to investigate it.

Even a fabulous dream vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare from Hell—when a couple is not properly prepared.

Many of the Worlds most beautiful places, also have some of the most dangerous risks. (Mountains, Rivers, Oceans, Deserts, Sailing, Surfing, Swimming, Hiking, Kayaking, Horseback Riding—all present serious and significant dangerous risks, and can be potentially life threatening.).

A horrific end to a journey … typically happens when one is irresponsible, unaware, and/or ill prepared for the trials that they may face in the midst of their travels.

Important Note: A man’s Ignorance of the law, in every new country he visits, is no excuse.

If I break the law in a foreign country, doing jail time may be my next horrifying experience. And make a note: Their Law doesn’t care about My Ignorance to it.

It’s my responsibility to know the laws in the countries I choose to travel. I must take full responsibility for every risk I expose to myself and to my traveling companions to as well. 

If this is true of making plans to temporarily travel in human kingdoms: How much more so shall it be true of making my permanent travel plans to my permanent infinite residence in God’s Holy and Pure Kingdom of Light?

Going to this New Country, or KINGDOM after you die—after your final breath, and your last heart beat—will be like traveling to a foreign country.

As naturally expected: The laws of God in Heaven are quite different, and necessarily more strict, being more protective, and more endearing, and more enduring than the laws of men and devils here on earth that caused the whole problem of corruption and death in the first place.

Heaven’s Holiness does not allow any hint of evil or perversion to corrupt God’s Holy Kingdom (it will never be allowed in Heaven ever again).

God’s Laws exclude the evil laws of men and devils, here on the Earth, from entering into His Eternal Family and Eternal Home–as they should.

And His Law bars anything or anyone who is unholy to come into His Kingdom. (That is what is means to offer bread without leaven. No Leaven = No Sin.) “Without Holiness, no one will see the LORD.”

“Strive for peace with everyone, and for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord.” Hebrews 12:14 (ESV)

It will be wisdom for you and I, to know the etiquette of Heaven–don’t you think?

To be ignorant of Heaven’s House Rules, and to Ignore His Holiness will not be a blessing.

I will not be able to blame anyone but myself, for not learning His Laws, and not training myself on How He expects me to abide by them–both here on earth and with Him in Heaven.

You and I have no excuse: Especially since we have been given our whole lives to learn and discover what Heaven requires. Not knowing, not believing, and not obeying Heaven’s Laws, that govern ALL of heaven as well as ALL of hell—we have no excuse.

We don’t know, because we didn’t want to learn. We could have spent much time learning, we have more access to God’s Word today than we ever had in the past. We can instantly put up the original Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic on our phones. We have Greek and Hebrew dictionaries at our finger tips.

Our ignorance is no excuse for not keeping God’s Commandments, Priorities, Rules and Requirement—and Fulfilling God’s Commanded Mission—anymore than not believing, not obeying, or not knowing the laws of a foreign country is an excuse. 

How you prepare yourself to defend yourself against God’s Laws is totally up to you. That’s your personal choice. But if you or I chose to ignore the most important day of our life, we will come to that day unprepared, not seeing, not knowing, not loving, not living, not hoping, and not realizing what is expected—that guilt, that shame, that ignorance will be upon us. As it rightly should be. But no matter what we believe about that day, it will not be a blessing to us, as it should have been, as it was intended to be, as God designed it to be for everyone willing to take His Promise seriously, and live by it in reality.


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