Why Are There Wars?

Overview of the Roman Empire Territories and History

Why do men decide to kill one another?

Why do some men value and treat other men less favorably than a chicken or a dog?

Who came up with the idea that war is good? Slavery is Good? Immorality is Good? Lying, Cheating, Stealing, on a national, and international scale is Good? In other words …

Who started it? Why do men continue it? And finally ..

Who has the power to correct and change such an evil and harmful and wretched way to live?

Enter stage left: The Book of Revelation.

  • Totally unique from all other books ever written.
  • Authenticated by the finger print of God.

God can accurately write History ahead of Time, because He knows what is going to happen. And He reveals His knowledge with 100% accuracy, and has a perfect track record. If He didn’t He wouldn’t be God. He even tells his people not to believe any prophet that prophesies something and it does not come to pass. And if the man claimed to prophesy in the Name of God, the false prophet is to be put to death, because he falsely claimed to be speaking for YHWH.