Do You Know Him?

The Second Order of Business is to discover:

Do we “know” the One, Who Created the Earth, and filled it with LIFE, and gave us our LIFE? Who gave us our father and our mother who came together and brought us into the world?

Relationships are life. Without them we would be dead. Without those caring for us and nurturing us from the womb we would never have survived. Without having a spiritual eternal relationship with the Author of Life: How can we expect to grow into the eternal life he has designed for us?

True Relationships are a two way street. What goes up must come down. We can’t remain infants indefinitely. At some point we need to grow up and think not only about ourselves, but also about those around us. Those younger and those older. Right? Those who have gone before us, and those who will be coming up behind us.

We have a great role to play in the grand scheme of things.

Believe it or not, our lives are based on relationships and we are eternally linked one to another. Without relationships there would be no life. If your mother never had a relationship with your father, you would not be here. The same goes for your parents, and their parents before them.

Your relationship is just one link in a powerful lineage that goes all the way back to the beginning–when God Created Adam to have relationship with YHWH. Then God created Eve. [And BTW–Is that not the most logical, simple, straight forward, and common sense answer to where we come from? Is it logical? Is it scientific? Is it common sense? That monkeys, and rats, tigers and giraffes all came from a rock? Water dripping off a rock creating life? A bowl of goo, in a stew, creating a zoo? Is there any proof of this ever happening? Is there any reliable testimony, any reliable witness that can verify this with absolute certainty and undeniable credibility? No. I am afraid not. In fact or credible testimony refutes this to even be a remote possibility. And all the fall science that support it is a complete sham. The more you look into it, the more error and fraud gets exposed.]

If you believe your grandfather crawled out from under a rock, and his grandfather crawled out from under a bowl of bacteria, then prove it? When did a bowl, a bacteria, or a rock ever create a perfect reproducible human male? When did it ever create a perfect reproducible human female at the exact same time it created the male? If the two didn’t perfectly exist at the exact same time, how did they have sex, create a bond of marriage and reproduce children? Guess what, they didn’t. That is way too much ability to ask of a rock, or a stew of goo. They could never to create a zoo, or even one man, how to mention his perfect mate, so if they didn’t do it who did?

Only God could. Only God did. His finger prints are on all of Creation. His Order. His Precision. His Timing. His Seasons. His Orchestation is totally beyond our conception. And the genius scientists will tell you it all came from a rock? Really? Are you gonna believe that?

Together our first parents, were created to bring LIFE into this world. THEY BROUGHT the first children that would populate the Earth–as you can testify today–because Adam and Eve obeyed God’s command to multiply, whether you like it or not, believe it or not, you are one of those children.

You are a living, breathing, walking, talking, testimony of God to this world–even if you may not believe in him–your unbelief does not change the fact of how you got here and why you were put here.

If you don’t know this, you are seriously  handicapped. You are missing significant data and facts that bring meaning, value, worth, strength, courage, truth, love, sacrifice, forgiveness, and eternal reality and heavenly treasures into your LIFE.

Such a deficiency and handicap will dramatically impair quality of your life both now and for eternity.

Therefore it is imperative that you begin to see Life from an eternal perspective, built on eternal relationships before you can actually enter the Kingdom of LIFE that God created and invited you to share with HIM.

One point of caution:  Many make the mistake of thinking “believing in Him” is the same as “knowing Him.”

“You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble!”
James 2:19

Knowing Him goes much deeper than just an intellectual belief that He exists. Most educated Americans believe in Abraham Lincoln, that he existed, but I think it’s safe to say, few know him who are alive today. In other words, their belief in Abraham Lincoln, doesn’t mean they know him.

The kind of believing God is looking for and those who follow him, is the kind that caused them to know him intimately and personally.

Yeshua gives us a 4 step process to Freedom in Relationship with Him: “to those Jews who believed Him,” he said:

    1. “If you abide in My word,
    2. You are My disciples indeed.
    3. And you shall know the truth,
    4. And the truth shall make you free.”

Then … they [the Jews] answered Him, “We are Abraham’s descendants, and have never been in bondage to anyone. How can You say, ‘You will be made free’?”

[That is one big fat lie right there. Their religious eyes were so blind. They were living under Roman Rule at the time. They had lived under bondage to Romans, Greeks, Babylonians, Philistines, Assyrians, and Egyptian Kings, and many more nations, for many centuries. And yet Yeshua (Jesus) clearly decided to ignore their argument and went directly to the point of his message].

Jesus answered them, “Most assuredly, I say to you:

Whoever commits sin is a slave of sin. And a slave does not abide in the house forever, but …

A son abides forever. Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.
[The above is from John 8]

Can you see the Word “IF” above. That makes your salvation a conditional reality–based on your freedom from Sin. If … The son of God sets you free, you shall be free indeed. But if the son of God does not set you free from your bondage to sin due to your own personal choice of disobedience, you shall not be free indeed, but you shall remain a child of the darkness with blindness of eyes, deafness of ears. There is a partnership required. There is a two sided coin that needs to be understood. Christ came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the Worst. But “if” I continually choose to turn away from His Goodness, Kindness, Mercy, Forgiveness, Love, Patience, and Grace, I can walk away, “if” I choose to. It is completely dependent on my side of the “if.” His side of the “if” is a done deal. It was finished on the Cross. My side of the “if” is yet to be determined. I can accept or reject all that was done for me.

Can you see how your Sin, interrupts your fellowship with God and God’s Family. It harms it. It actually destroys what Yeshua came to build.

Your Transgressions have separated you from God.

Isaiah 59:2 (KJV) 2 But your iniquities have separated between you and your God,
and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.

OVERCOMING SIN is how you begin a pure relationship with God Almighty–the most high God. Overcoming sin is how you begin a true relationship with your Heavenly Father, as well as a pure and powerful and fulfilling relationship with his Son, and everyone in His Family in His Home.

Without His Purity in  relationship and the working of sin out of every relationship–we cannot Know God, or Love Him, according to His Standard, nor can we love others.

In other words, it is not the hearer of the Word who is justified before God, It is the doer of the Word, who will be justified and duly rewarded by God Himself both now and in Eternity.

And please Note: Our greatest treasure in this Life and in the Life to Come is our Relationship with the Creator of Life!

That is a gift we could never earn or deserve. It  has been freely offered to us. Though it was purchased at a great Price, [the highest Price ever paid in the Universe was paid for you] , it can only be given freely and received freely with no strings attached–then it becomes real and will never be lost or stolen, or taken from us.

How we steward, protect, promote, advance, and experience that Gift will be clearly seen by the fruit in our lives. And yes, we have many obstacles to overcome in order to see our Tree bearing Heavenly Relationship Fruit in every Season.

But that is our calling, and our great reward.  May we be about our Father’s Business, just as Yeshua was about His Father’s Business, the Salvation of the entire World around us. Through powerful relationships based on the pure and true preaching of the Gospel of Yeshua, pure Love for those around us.  May we be powerfully equipped with the Gospel of Salvation for all the lost and saved among us.