Is Christianity (or religion) the Best Proof Against God?

Good Question.

Yes it is.

But here is a question in response: Are you judging the Book, or its cover?

If the Book says don’t do this. And you see the students of the book doing the opposite, Is that the books fault or the students fault?

“It is an easy thing to smell a rotten egg. It is a harder thing to lay a good one.” ~Frank Turek

If you smell a rotten egg, in a bunch of eggs, isn’t it time to remove that egg from the nest?

Evil behavior is a sure sign that an  Evil minds exist, and that Evil hearts and Evil designs are being executed. Right?

Now the question becomes: What is the source of the Evil heart and the Evil mind that is producing the Evil behavior?

If the evil is coming from men who obviously, in no stretch of the imagination are not imitating or replicating the teachings of Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah, then it is reasonable to assume the Jewish Messiah is not responsible for their evil behavior.










What might be missing from the premise of the question is this?

Are there good christians, and bad christians?
Are there good Jewish people, and bad Jewish people?
Are there good Muslims, and bad Muslims?
Are there good Hindus and bad Hindus?

These questions do not even address the deeper issues like, are these good religions or bad religions.

Can we objectively judge a whole religion on the behavior of those do not represent their religion faithfully?

So here is a problem: Any man can be a liar, Right? And any liar can join a religion. And any liar can promote a religion, or start a church, or take over a branch or territory of land or people.

Christianity, has some of the strongest self correcting teaching in the foundations of its faith.

But any man can choose not to be corrected by the truth in his faith.


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