The Mechanism for Mutation does not support the “Theory” of Evolution.

Taking away information (genetic mutation) does not create life, it simply alters existing life.

Two Minute Clip: 11:11 to 13:11 minutes: Your average Carpenter understands more about Genetic Mutation (natural selection) than many peer reviewed College Professors who teach biology, who write article after article saying they are proving the Theory of Evolution, when actually they are proving the opposite.

You cannot build a house by removing walls (that already existed). You can remodel a house by removing walls, but that is not building (constructing or adding new information), that is taking away, deconstructing (demolishing, removing existing information). In order to remove an existing wall, the House needs to have been previously built.

No “sane” Carpenter, “worth his weight in salt” would claim that removing walls from a house is equal to the process of building a house, and no “sane” scientist or professor “worth his weight in knowledge” should claim otherwise either, but many do.

Who are you going to believe?