From: The Atheist Series:

                    1. This is No God ….
                    2. The Fruits of Atheism
                    3. Liberal, MO–An Atheist’s Dreamtown
                    4. Skeptics Welcome
                    5. Most Famous Atheist Had A Near Death Experience
                    6. Proteins Don’t Lie
                    7. What If I’m Wrong? The Atheist Nightmare
                    8. Who’s Lying: Creationists or Evolutionists

Questions Atheists Often Ask

A short Philosophical Answer for the Existence of God

That being the case, the argument of the Atheist was addressed in under two minutes in the Video Below:

time: 2.minutes 36 seconds



Three Atheist questions often asked and answered by Frank Turek:

Time: 9 minutes, 6 seconds


A personal note: I take issue with the Language of “Defeating, Demolishing, Etc.”, an Atheist or some other worthy opponent in debate. I like the attitude and presence of Mindset of Abraham Lincoln when he said, “Do I not destroy my enemy, when I make him my friend.”

If someone’s faith is bolstered by defeating or destroying or attacking someone personally, there is definitely something missing in his spiritual character development. Especially, if He claims to be a disciple of Yeshua Messiah. Our job is not to destroy people, we are called to build them up.

Unfortunately, often times, addressing Truth, causes many insecurities, which in turn cause conflicts, this is unavoidable. But our job is to proclaim the Testimony of God, and to give a reason for the hope we have within us. Never to lift ourselves up, by putting others down. The videos chosen below for the most part follow this pattern. May this be the spirit that is honoring to God, and to others, always.

1 Peter 3:15 (KJV)
15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear (aka, humility and respect/reverence):

William Lane Craig Addresses Atheist Questions (a compilation)

Time: 14:05 minutes

This Video below begs the question:

How do you know Good from Evil? 

time: 3 minutes 13 seconds.

Yes, sadly, Ravi Zacharias was exposed for moral failure and sexual compromise in his ministry. I have debated with myself whether or not to share a video from his message. I post this video even with the knowledge that this man ultimately failed in his relationships to his ministry partners, his family, his wife, and his God. It shows that the sins of some are immediately present and knowable, and the sins of other though they may trail behind them, will one day ultimately be exposed and will in turn receive their just punishment from an unbiased and faithful judge.


The Atheist Delusion Movie (2016) HD

See many individuals rapidly change their minds after addressing game changing questions.

Time: 1 hour, 1 minute, 58 seconds.


Discussion on the Author of DNA … How it confirms Intelligent Design

Presented in a simple easy to relate to manner.

Time: 58 minutes, 9 seconds


May each message help strengthen your faith and pursuit of Christ, The Only Begotten Son of God.



Brother Thomas



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