Your Most Important Day
(Like no other Day in History)

Whether I believe it or not, acknowledge it or not–the most important day of my life will be the day I stand before God and give an account for every word I have spoken, and every deed I have done.

Yes. Yes. Many skeptics reject the Word of God as unreliable on this subject, but what book do they choose to as a replacement? What men do they choose to believe as an alternative to God? What is the source of their greater, wiser, truer understanding? Is it truly more reliable, more factual? Have they really checked out all the facts and claims, or have they  blindly accepted them, in blind faith?

[This is a serious issue. As I see it, Eternal Life and Death hang in the balance here. Therefore, I believe this topic is worthy of some examination. After that, we can get directly to the main point: The most important day of our lives.]

God is in heaven. His Word speaks from His heavenly perspective. Men are of earth. They speak from their worldly perspective–what claim can a man have to know about heaven? 

If a man has never truly been there,  What reliable testimony could he possibly offer me except “hearsay” (aka useless) testimony?

If there is no heaven … Yeah! Evolutionists and Atheists win. But if there is a place called Heaven designed and prepared by God for his children, then no atheist or skeptic has any word of credibility on the matter. They will be utterly clueless on the subject. They would have no light to shine on this path, and would rather block this path to others seeking it.

Personally, I am preparing myself for the day that I meet with God face-to-face, and I encourage everyone I meet to do the same.

If you would like more information on the subject, I would recommend you keep reading. If this subject is not of interest to you, I would highly recommend you just read through at least the first part of the series: the name of God. That is a fascinating story that I hope would capture your attention. Whatever you choose, I hope you do so with wisdom, integrity, clarity, and sound reasoning. Don’t take anyone’s words for granted. Test everything, and hold fast to that which is good, pure, Wright, and true.

Who can we trust?

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Many great heroes of the Bible Bashing World (Nietzsche, Freud, Marx, Mao, Castro, Huxley, Darwin, Hume, Hitler, Mussolini, Dawkins, Voltaire, Bertrand Russel, etc.) rant and rave that God’s Word is an unreliable Witness … but: Are they not  themselves unreliable witnesses? 

Are these men worthy of our heavenly devotion? Have they lived outstanding lives? Are their words flawless? Their teaching without error? Do they living such exemplary lives that we should want to follow and believe in them, over believing and following God? How did they come to be wiser than God? Are their writings more reliable than God’s Word more flawless? More trustworthy than God? More Honest? More Truthful? More Factual? More Beneficial? More Giving? More Caring? More Just? And how long have their words stood the test of Time?

Have any of these men (by their superior wisdom) ever lived past the time that God set for their earthly lives, 120 years? No?  

Have they done anything extraordinary? Have they given sight to a man born blind? (A man without eyeballs, only dry sockets?) No? Have they ever raised a man from the dead? No? But some have killed millions of men in a short time: Hitler 6+ million; Stalin 20+ million; Mao 30+ million in political and idealogical “cleansings” of their own countrymen. Can you imagine what their reward will be in eternity?

And where did these great leaders get their inspiration for such demonic evil? 

Try this: The evolutionary belief that “might makes right?” The law of the jungle that says and “kill or be killed“? The False Religion that teaches men: We are only animals, and what matters is the survival of the fittest? Right? This religion exploded into the 19th and 20th centuries, which became the bloodiest years in world history, and they promoted the most wicked and technologically advanced wars in History: World War One and Two, committing heinous wars crimes across the nations. Evil deeds done, fully backed by their Religion of Evolution.

Read more.

Now, for clarity’s sake: The Followers of Yeshua (Jesus) were commanded to do what? 1) Love your Enemies. 2) Do good to those who despitefully abuse you. 3) Forgive. 4) Lay down your lives for others, both believers and non-believers. This is exactly what the early followers did. Stephen. James. Peter. Paul. John. Phillip, Thomas, etc, they all followed and taught this to their people, as they became living examples, witnesses and martyrs to their generation. Martyr is simply the Greek word for Witness.

So anyone killing other men, who would they be following? Ding. Ding. Ding. You got the right answer. Not Yeshua. Not God. Not God’s Word, but man’s word, following man’s leadership. 

But that can only happen if they begin believing in a false religion, like Atheistic Evolution. Or any other false religion that allows men to kill each other. God’s word does not allow this. Yes. Before Messiah, God’s people were commanded to protect their homes, their land, and their cities, and they did battle and kill the people who worshipped false gods who were determined to destroy God’s People. 

Yes. Yes. For a season (1,500 years), God did devout himself to the protection of His People and His Land, but since Messiah, God has put into play a new plan (for 2,000 years), that going out from Jerusalem to the Ends of the Earth, His Son’s and Daughters are called to Seek and to Save the Lost–from every tribe, tongue and nation. And Laying down our lives in the process is a part of our calling to be martyrs (witnesses) to the Gospel of God. But that is getting ahead of the story.

Since Atheistic Evolutionists believe they have effectively killed God, and that they created their own god (themselves), and put themselves in God’s Place, they are no longer answerable to His Laws, Right? Wrong! And they believe they will escape God’s Judgment, right? Wrong! Unfortunately, that is not how God’s Judgment works, but we’ll have to cover that later. 

So I ask you: Are these the kinds of wise leaders, and holy men, who have such superior teachings and beliefs, that you want to base your own entire spiritual eternity on their words (and their false philosophy)–as they attempt to “suppress the Truth in unrighteousness“?

And you are willing to blindly follow their lead, and live by their playbook, which makes you an unnecessary slave in their kingdom? Just another number, a statistic, and tool to be used and thrown away, a cog in their machine, a soldier to be sacrificed before bombs and guns for “the greater good”?          —-<<< Really, is that attractive to you??? >>>— 

Or do you just want to do want they did: Make a God in your own image, one that likes everything you do, one that you create and believe in for your personal self. One that allows you to do everything you want to do–not one that will Judge According to An Eternal Standard–so that you will be prepared and ready, willing and able, to share in His Eternal Family, in His Eternal Life–which He has been preparing for you since before the foundations of this planet were set in place. If you already have your own god, or are happily following another man made god, then you probably don’t have much time or energy, wit, or brain cells to exercise study and a faithful investigation of the Holy God–YAHWEH (YHWH)  [HYHי]

h v h i

If all that seems good and right to you, I suppose there is no reason to keep reading further here, but it you have an ounce of curiosity, or a pound of desire, I recommend you keep reading on this topic by clicking here.

Who you choose to follow, and who you choose to believe are two of the most critically important decisions you can make in your life. I recommend you only make those decisions wisely. That takes effort and work on your end. You will need to read, study, and meditate on text that have Eternal Value and Eternal Importance and Eternal Consequence. This will take more effort that just watching another Youtube video, but we you consider the payout, your time and energy is well worth the investment. Whenever you investigate someone’s message, it is essential that you not only listen to the happy promises–the Pro’s, but also carefully weigh the costly investments–the Con’s.

Studying one without the other leaves you open to deception and abuse.

There is one coming very soon now, and you will recognize him easily. He will be the One World Ruler. He will seem like the wisest, nicest, most congenial man to ever live. He will literally sweep the whole world off its feet, and if you are not prepared he will deceive you as well. Thankfully, God knows all about his time and what he plans on doing and God has given us his playbook on the matter and how not to be deceived, but, if we ignore God’s Playbook, and we buy into all the hype and false promises, we will be easily persuaded to forget God’s Plan and God’s Kingdom and dive into this world’s alternative plan, because it is going to look great, and everyone will follow it who has not prepared themselves sufficiently. 

So that is what we need to discuss next. How to prepare yourself for the most important day in your life?

Please Note: I have prepared some more materials on the issue of the False Prophets of Evolution, Atheism, Science (falsely so called) … and ancillary issues connected to them.

1 Timothy 6:20-21 (KJV) O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: Which some professing have erred concerning the faith. Grace be with thee. Amen.


 tho they believe, if there is no God, then there is no Moral Law, and there is no need to be held accountable to God, because there is no Judgment Day, they will go unpunished. Right? 

Did they ever do good towards their enemies?  Forgive those who despitefully treated them? Hmmm. Show extraordinary human kindness or exemplary love? Have they ever restored a man with a withered arm in an instant? No. Have they ever fed 5,000 men with 5 loaves and 2 fish? No. Did they ever cleanse a leper in a moment? No. (But don’t you think One who Created DNA would know how to do all this easily–don’t you think?) Can we trust their prophecies? No. Not hardly.

    • Voltaire (1694-1778) prophesied in 1776: “One hundred years from my day, there will not be a Bible on earth, except one that is looked upon by an antiquarian curiosity-seeker” but within fifty years after his death, the house in which he once lived was used by the Evangelical Society of Geneva as a storehouse for Bibles and Gospel tracts, and the printing presses that he used to print his personally condemning works against the Bible. And to this day, the Bible is the number one selling book worldwide. (Reference.)
    • Darwin prophesied (circa 1859): If his theory was true, millions of transitional fossils (or thousands? hundreds? ten? Or at least two?) would be discovered to validate his theory but what does the fossil record provide? Guess how many have been found?  Zero. Nil. None. Not a one. Yes, dozens of fake fossil have been elaborately falsified, but later exposed: Lucy, Peking Man, Piltdown Man (version I and II), Nebraska Man, Neanderthal Man, New Guinea Man–all fake examples proven false as transitions, yet their lies remain in many textbooks still teaching their lies to gullible children and college students. After 150 years of frantic searches for elusive transitions, no single undisputed transition exists, but guess what: real fossils reveal that animals were fully formed from the beginning.

Are their prophecies accurate? Have they spoken 100% truth with no room for error? No. Have they fully lived up to their beliefs? Not even close. Do they have all the answers? No. Were they there in the Beginning? No. Did any accurately and honestly predict the future correctly? Not even close. Have their words stood the test of time? No. Have they even lived more than 200 years. Nope. Are they people we can trust to completely place our eternal destiny into their wise hands? (Are you kidding?) 

Of course, Yes. We are free. We have freewill given to us by God. And that, He will not take that away from us, or else it would be freewill. We are free to believe anything and anyone we choose, but everyone of our choices have consequences, and some are much worse than others. 

Many famous atheists, skeptics, and agnostics who denigrated the Bible, led truly sketchy, flaky, often mentally disturbed and unstable lives. Many, like Hitler (and Hemmingway) committed suicide. Many were terrible family role models (due to having terrible family role models themselves). Many led horribly destructive, wholly unreliable, clearly unfaithful, negligent, and quite often morally reprehensible lives. Do we really want to follow in their footsteps?

[Can You See … Why Meeting God Changes Things — Even for Atheists]

If you want something better for yourself and your family: When men in this dark worldview has been warped and infected by the poisoned thinking of false prophets stuck in their own cycles of darkness and death, God offers an alternative view that is vastly more satisfying, and needless to say, it is powerfully more Life Giving. It is more logical, more trustworthy, more reliable and more righteous. His Word gives us the facts of reality and Truth. To dive into His Alternative view, Keep Reading by clicking here. There is no harm in looking at what is being offered is there? You don’t have to buy the product, to check out its fundamental values, right? There should be no fear is looking … and shouldn’t you be well aware of the competition before you buy? I sure do.  Keep Reading Here 

So, I have a challenge for you to research your sources of information, and the foundation from which your have built your own knowledge base–especially your knowledge base Concerning Heaven and Eternal Life. 

If you believe in the Atheist’s Viewpoint that man came from monkeys: Why are there still monkeys? 

If you believe Atheists are smarter God Himself: How did “nothing created everything” by a big bang 4.6 billion years ago? 

Why not ask an evolutionary, Darwinist hero to take the stand on the court of international and universal wisdom … and let’s see how well he answers your simple questions.

Ask an Evolutionist: Where did the Big Bang come from? I don’t know. Where did the energy come from to create the bang? I don’t know. How did the Big Bang create order? I don’t know. Don’t Explosions normally destroy things like life and structure? Yes. Have you ever observed an explosion create life, or create order? No. Why are there more bacteria cells in our bodies than human cells? I don’t know. What would happen if all the bacteria cells died? We would die. Which evolved first the bacteria that live inside the man, or the man that hosts the bacteria? The bacteria. Are you sure? No.

Mr. Evolutionist, with all your knowledge, your immense wisdom, your powers of observation, your laboratories of science and learning, can you create a single human eye ball that can perform its duties every bit as well as it does now or better? No. Can you create the millions of rods, and cones needed to make the eye ball work? No. Can you create one single living cell required to build the eyeball? No. Your evolutionary theory proclaims that a rock did this by itself without any training, without any language, without any power? No. Why not? Are you not smarter than a Rock? Don’t answer that. Please excuse my sarcasm.

Ok. Where did the laws of gravity, of thermo dynamics, or the laws of magnetism come from? Who wrote them? I don’t know? How come there is so much order and stability in our Universe, that it is possible to produce and sustain life on our planet? I don’t know. Why does no other planet that we know of have the ability to produce and sustain life? I don’t know. 

Where did one million+ absolutely necessary narrowly specific conditions like humidity, radiation (not too much, nor too little) temperature, food supply, the water cycle, salt, the perfect amount of healthy healing minerals in the soil, in the ocean, the right mixture of air and healthy breathing conditions, and vitamins, and nutrients that sustain life come from? I don’t know. 

Did the dead rock of evolution create photosynthesis too? And don’t both sexes need to be completely viable and functional to create one new life? Have we ever seen Two half evolved animals mate with each other, successfully? Which evolved first: the eye or the ear? the digestive systems or the nervous systems? or the immune systems to ward off natural diseases? And where did the diseases come from how did the rock create them? What about sexually transmitted diseases? Did the rock create them as well? 

And, how did our solar system sustain the conditions for Life for 60 million plus years (give or take a few years)? Our Earth is moving further away from our Sun every year. 60 million years ago we would have been so close to the Sun, the earth would have been burnt to a crisp. Also, every year the Sun loses more and more of it’s solar energy, and it reduces itself in size. According to some calculations, the flame of the sun would have touched the earth, less than 10 ten million years ago. So how could life evolved from 60 million years ago. 

Why is there only a few inches of dust on the moon? If it is 60 million+ years old (or 4 billion) why isn’t there more dust on the Moon, it should be over thirty feet deep by now. 

 And that Life was created and expanded by dead rocks and water and energy. But we don’t know where the rocks came from, nor the water, nor the energy, nor the chemicals, nor one amino acid, nor one protein, nor where the seeds came from to make beautiful flowers, now where the eggs came from that made majestic birds, not to mention the canons of butterflies,  or the sperm and the eggs that created puppies, kittens, men and women and the DNA that holds them all together. Have you ever seen a rock write a book? Even a children’s short story? 

So when, Mr. Atheist, and how Mr. Atheist, did a rock ever learn how to write the code that makes your body work? Where did your rock find a pen small enough, and a hand fast enough to keep up with the writing of my DNA Coding, that keeps me alive, every nano-second of every day that I keep breathing? 

Can you Mr. Atheist, read my DNA Code better than a rock, can your write it faster than a rock? I think not. 

You can learn about DNA coding here, and how impossible it was to have evolved over time, and how impossible it is that it could have happened by a “Big Bang”? And how Evolution is a fairy tale for adults who blindly believe unsubstantiated false lies, false facts, false theories, and false evidence that actually proves the opposite to their own false theory–in which they hope and believe without any science to back it.

Mr. Atheist, can your rock of evolution from which you say I came, can it even count the number of DNA stands I have in my body? Can it read my DNA? Can it fix my DNA, if it finds an error in my coding? 

Each human cell has around 6 feet of DNA. Let’s say each human has around 10 trillion cells (this is actually a low ball estimate). This would mean that each person has around 60 trillion feet or around 10 billion miles of DNA inside of them.

Most cells in our body have two copies of the genome with 6 billion base pairs of DNA. Germ cells only have one copy of the genome made up of 3 billion base pairs of DNA.

Mr. evolutionist, please take the stand of eternal justice and give an accounting of all that you have taught and proclaimed about the creation of man.

Mr. Evolutionist: When did your rock of evolution, and all of its non-living minerals, find the time to read, write, and create even one single cell of 6 billion base pairs of DNA, and make all this magnificent DNA code, randomly and accidentally into another single living cell with it on 6 million base pairs of DNA? And how did your rock make the code happily work all together in perfect critical split nano second timing? And more importantly, because you are a scientist with amazing skills of observation, when did you witness your rock of evolution perform this amazing accomplishment–by random accident as you so boldly proclaim? Finally, When have you ever seen, witnessed, or have any evidence that one kind of animal ever transitioned into another kind of animal? When has a cat ever become a dog? When did a mouse ever become a lion? Or a pig ever become an elephant? Or a monkey ever become a man–as you have so boldly proclaimed? 

Mr. evolutionist: I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear your answer. Oh, so you have no answer, no evidence, no proof, no factual truth, and you have never witnessed what you so boldly proclaim? So you, your theory, and all your college and university textbooks on the subject, for well over 100 years, have been filled with lies, falsified information, and clever imaginations of corrupt minds, that suppress the truth in unrighteousness, just as exactly as the Bible has predicted you would. 

Thank you for your testimony Mr. evolutionist, you may come down off the stand, and leave the court room in your abject* shame. [*abject–adjective: “experiencing something bad to the maximum degree.”]

So how did a rock learn to write the  Compare your sources and their validity and their track record of telling the Truth and not changing their story every few days, and then compare your findings to the Word of God, and his track record of telling the Truth, and and never varying, nor changing His Story to represent the facts, because unlike false atheistic man with daddy issues, God’s Story doesn’t need Changing to fit the Truth, it already is the Truth, always has been and always will be, and if it doesn’t, His word is a lie, and He himself is a lie, and not worthy of our Worship.–and God’s Validity, and the validity of His Prophets. And yes, that  challenge can begin here with this Bible verse.

So thankfully, Mr. Atheist, on the Day of Judgement, when I shall give an accounting of every day lived in my natural human body, that was given to me by God Himself, to become a Temple of God, and place of Holiness and Beauty, and was destined to be Filled with His Holy Spirit, I will not be speaking with a rock, but with the God who created me.

“And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this comes The Judgment.” Hebrews 9:27 

Everything God has said from the first page in his book to the very last supports the above statement.

God seriously wants all his children to be fully prepared for their final exam–their exit exam, if you will. He has given us the exam material before hand, so we are without excuse. We have within our reach, clearly stated, and written down for all to SEE, every question on our final exam! Therefore we are without excuse.

God does not want us to be in the Dark, so He has gone to great lengths to enlighten us. Unfortunately, men have gone to great lengths to keep us in the Dark, throughout history. [More on this later. Both inside the so called “church” and “outside the church.] Men have chosen “to suppress the Truth in unrighteousness.” 

Please Note: Throughout God’s Word He constantly refers to Two Churches, One faithful, reliable, true and just–leading His people to Heaven. The other fake, disobedient, lying, deceiving, run by false shepherds leading false sheep away from God, and away from Eternal Life. Being run by those who are slaves to sin.

So let’s evaluate the probability and the practicality of God Word, in Hebrews Chapter 9, as it relates to the Final Judgement. We can briefly cover it in 5 simple points:

1) Every man knows that he will die–that’s a given. This is a pretty simple point to confirm. Right? This is in perfect accordance with reality and the first half of Hebrews 9:27. “It is appointed once to die … So far we are batting 100%. Now let’s look at the second part, “the appointed judgement to come.” Let’s see if the second part of Hebrews 9:27 is  logical, reasonable, rational, and reliable, according to our common sense, and our common experience, and in line with the priorities and objectives of the Kingdom of God? Let’s see what we can SEE…


Song Break … your reward!!!


2) Every man knows that in whatever country or kingdom he lives, he and everyone around him are constantly being judged. Is that not so? Of course it is. Every man, woman, and child is punished, and/or consequently rewarded when they are judged for their behavior, attitude, performance and social skills. Is this not true? Of course it is. Some rewards are more demonstrative (anyone ever watch Britain’s Got Talent?), some are more subtle, but if you look carefully, rewards and punishments are deeply ingrained into every fiber in the very fabric of Life, that binds us all together. [This is not rocket science.]  So to get upset, that God is going to judge us. Or that He has prepared eternal rewards of treasure, and eternal rewards of punishment that are exactly equivalent to the crimes men and women have committed against Him and against His children–should be not big surprise.[Again, this is not rocket science.] Which leads us to point number 4. What is the purpose of God’s Reward System?

3) Guess what? The best lives; the best families, the best cities, the best countries, and the best kingdom’s to live in; all have something in common. They are all based and following the Word of God as the moral code for their country’s laws, their rewards, and their punishments.

4) Every home and family, where people are rewarded and punished according to their behavior creates an environment of safety, where individuals can prosper and grow up in healthy ways. [This is common sense, and our living human reality.] Every child that has a loving mommy and loving daddy, who is fair, and right, and just, and lives by the precepts of the Word of God, will raise blessed children (even if they themselves don’t fully believe the word of God), but by just by obeying His Laws bring blessings, and favor, and honor into their families.

5) Every home that neglects to love their children by not teaching them to obey right from wrong, those homes do not provide a safe environment for their children, and instead of God’s Blessing coming upon the Home, chaos reigns, and children become confused, and open to many moral, social, psychological, spiritual, and criminal attacks. Just as people living in countries who do not honor the moral laws of God, they also remain unprotected. These environments often produce menaces to society, like rapists, and serial killers, and horrendously evil military leaders (like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Polpot, Castro, and their buddies). Once you remove the Word of God, and the logic of punishment for doing evil from a society, evil begins to invade people’s lives in spades. Every family that doesn’t teach their children right from wrong, and doesn’t reward them for good behavior and doesn’t punish them for bad behavior creates menaces in our society. Parents who don’t correctly discipline their children, are typically known as poor parents. Our next point of the need for Judgement has to do with ultimate Justice.

6) Many people have died (like Adolf Hitler) without being punished their just and fair reward for their behavior. There is something deep in our innate conscience that says if you take the life of another, you should be punished for it. It is a universal, axiom. It should be applied to all people and all circumstances equally and without prejudice.

7) Justice deserves its day in Court. Facing Justice to pay for our sins is not a foreign concept to us. We understand it innately. We feel it powerfully, especially when certain crimes have been committed against us. So, God will punish all crimes with due justice, all crimes committed against God and against God’s Children. This is reasonable, just, true, and common sense reality. Remember: God See’s Everything. God keep perfect Records. A Day of Judgement is coming when everyone will be paid back for everything according to His perfect system of Justice and Truth–God has guaranteed it. Either that is True and God is not a Liar, or it isn’t true, and He  isn’t God. In His Word, God says, every man will have to give a full accounting for the evil they have done. God knows this. And He has reserved a Day And we expect these things to be normal and universal. What we need to do if we desire a good outcome on that day is to stopping bitching about it. Stop complaining. Stop whining. Stop making excuses. Stop telling lies. Stop spreading false rumors. Stop blaspheming God’s Name, and deal with the Reality. I am going to be Judged. It doesn’t matter what Darwin says, what Mao says, What Freud, Marx, Huxley, Hume, Voltaire, Paine, Dawkin, or Dingledorf says, or any other fabricator of false testimony past, present or future says–We are all going to be judged.

So there is no time like the present to begin preparing for the Most Important Day of our Lives.

Just like entering into a foreign country so we will be hopefully entering into God Eternal Kingdom, if we have actually prepared ourselves to be ready and acceptable and welcome.

Just like entering into a friends home that we wish to honor and respect. We would not come in wearing dirty, putrid, foul smelling clothes, and a perverted tongue, would we? How about entering  a particular nobleman’s home, or an earthly a King or Queen’s Home, in this day and age? We would choose to prepare ourselves and be on our best attentive behavior. Wearing our best clothing, using our best manners, best speech, and exampling our best etiquette and social training.

How much more so should we prepare ourselves to enter God’s Eternal Home? Why would enter God’s Home with foul clothing, or foul speech, or an unclean and vile heart, itching and requesting to watch evil would movies, Jone-zing to get high on drugs, booze, sex, or perverted entertainment in the presence of a Holy King? Can you imagine such a scenario? Yeshua can and told us a story about it: See Matthew 22:1-14, and notice specifically verse 12 and 13.

In Conclusion: I close my case …

Therefore it only makes sense that when we leave this country and its earthly domain, and its imperfect laws and judgments (that calls men to account, though imperfectly), and we enter into God’s country and his heavenly domain, we will be subject to his laws and judgments (only this time in perfection). That this should be no surprise to any common sense rational mind. [This is not rocket science.]

That being said, many dislike the fact that they shall be judged. Why? Because they know what they are doing–right now–is wrong in the sight of God, in their own conscience.

And like Jeffrey Epstein, Maxine Griswold, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, they may escape judgment for a season, but in the end they shall be rewarded for every word spoken, and every deed done.

And if they are not held accountable by the all wise, all knowing, and all powerful God who created them, who should they be held accountable to?

And if God is not willing, or not able to Judge them in Perfect Righteousness and Perfect Justice then He is not God.

But if God allows eternity in hell, and eternal separation from His Holiness, and His Righteousness as a choose of for every individual to make, who are you, or who am I, a mere man with a corrupt and wicked heart, to judge Him?

We would do the same with an earthly judge, not because we believed it was right, but because we wanted to get away from being unpunished for the crimes we know we have committed.

Therefore I declare to you not accepting the Day of Judgement is coming is your most dishonest, perilous, stupid move your can make for yourself, your best friends, your family, and your community. To ignore such a momentous decision, is the epitome of stupidity and folly.

Regretfully, many of us have boasted this position, many have proclaimed this nonsense to ourselves and our friends, many will have to answer for your words and actions regarding the damage we have done. But before closing this subject: Think about this. There is still time to repent. Time to confess. Time to change our mind. Change our thinking, our believing and our behaving. Yes, the time is short. But we can still face a God of Mercy–if we act immediately. Tomorrow is not promised.

Here’s great song and your reward for finishing this article:

I can see clearly now the rain has gone.

Lyrics: I can see all obstacles in my way.

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