We currently have more than 400 articles of Blog posts written, some are ready for public consumption, although most are not … and many are in between, and some have been released prematurely, just because we don’t have the time and space to do all the editing that should be done.


Therefore we say: Read everything here with a grain of salt (just as you should with any message or website).

Test everything, internally and externally. Don’t believe everything you hear, or read. Allow the God of heaven to speak to your spirit through the Word of God, and prove the Testimony of God to give you the direction you need from Him.

If God so chooses to use any one of these articles for the benefit of a saint on his way to the Throne of God, may God receive all the glory. And may the Body of Christ be edified.


In other words, read anything and everything at your own risk.


Our specific job description from the Lord of Heaven is that we are called to over come all evil; and expose the darkness to the light. Let us be about our father’s business, being doers of the Word, that produce and reproduce the fruit of the Kingdom in everything we think, say, and do.


And may this Blog be a way we can connect with God and with one another in order to expand the kingdom of God through our own faithful and truthful and loyal words and actions, while we have the time. 

The night is soon coming in which no man can work.


John 9:4 (KJV)
 I must work the works of him that sent me,
while it is day: the night cometh,
when no man can work.

Overcoming Sin & Darkness

Becoming a Messenger of Eternal Light
and Eternal Truth,
A Road Marked with Everlasting Gratitude & Joy,
A Pathway of Sorrow, Suffering, and Sacrifice.


The Promise has never been
That it will be Easy.
Only that it will be
Worth it!




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