Who were the Founding Fathers of Atheism?

Were they reliable, stalwart, remarkable, trustworthy, stable individuals?

See for yourself …

Below is the foundation, and often overlooked, incognito, history of Atheism.



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The insane beginnings of atheism.

The insane men who founded atheism also have the greatest influence on Psychology and Psychiatry, Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, Thomas Henry Huxley and Fredrick Nietzsche all shared certain common experiences and a definite psychological pattern of insanity is evident. Their early childhoods were marked by some form of spiritual training. They were men whose dominating, overbearing and even abusive fathers led them to rebellion and renunciations of God.

They endured cold, ruthless parents, grew up in an environment of bullying and abuse often done in the name of God.
These boys hated their fathers, these spiritual wounds festered a rebellion against a hostile father they identified with a hostile God. They made it their lives work to destroy the God who had come to symbolize their father.


1. Charles Darwin

The master of fake evolution theories. He lived the greatest portion of his life in deep mental depression, there is a history of mental illness in his family. He believed his dad had the power of prediction; He had an endless catalogue of psychosomatic illnesses and lived as a semi invalid barely past thirty.

2. Thomas Henry Huxley-

He will be remembered by the public merely as the athiest man who held that we were descended from the ape, or as the apostle of Darwinism, The Big Bang.

He detested his hot tempered father he suffered terrible bullying at school and had a terrible fear of insanity, which ran in his family. In fact his father died in an insane asylum.

His hatred of God was rooted in the fear that the insanity in his family was caused by unclean spirits. He believed he had been poisoned by vapours from a dead body. After his only son dies of scarlet fever he detested God and believed he was cruel, hostile, angry and indifferent to suffering.

3. Nietzsche –

Grew up with no male role model, he was a repressed homosexual and a victim of syphilis, depression and insanity, then died in a Mental Asylum.. He blamed his mom for the death of his father.

Nietzsche had the impressive feat of becoming a professor by the age of 24. However, he was alienated by his peers and forced to retire by the age of 35. Nietzsche also wanted to abandon philosophy in favour of gardening, but apparently failed at that as well.
Nietzsche began to believe himself to be Jesus, Napoleon, Buddha and other historical figures. Nietzsche’s family threw him into asylum

4. Sigmund Freud

During his insanity, He believed women wanted sex with their fathers and womens stories of rape and molestation were fantasies. Instead of victims these women were the villains.( shocking)

Freud was the founding father of psychoanalysis, [/b]a method for treating a mental illness and also a theory which explains human behaviour. Freud believed a female is a failed boy.

He was obsessed with the sexual conquest of his mother and rivalry with his dad. The desire to have sex with his mother and kill his father haunted his dreams. He believed women wanted sex with there fathers and stories of rape and molestation were fantasies. Instead of victims these women were villains.



These four prophets of atheism and many more all had powerful domineering fathers. They were fearful, weak, submissive kids. They all grew up with a history of headaches, depression , obsessive fears, extreme shyness, intestinal disorders, and made it there lives work to destroy God who had come to symbolize there fathers.
“ Its Madness”

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