Here we will list a few of the Core Teachings that are center to the Teachings of Christ and to our understanding of our proper response to His Commandments. and also, how we have compromised our obedience, dumbed down His message, and in many ways have set ourselves up for spiritual failure by not following carefully, and purposefully, and intentionally, and accurately–even some of the most basic principles he wants us to know and live by.

Series One: Answering Life’s Toughest Question

This is a survey of many of the essential question we should have immediate, well thought out, clear and firm answers on subject common to all people wanting to know about the Word of God. I find it surprising that not only do non-believers understand God’s Perspective on these subjects, but even more alarming is that a huge swath of believers have very little grasp. This my brethren, is a quickly solved problem, read these topics, and check your own understanding and sharpen the understanding presenting by sharing your thoughts that we can include in the up coming edits of these very basic documents.  


Series Two: The Name of God 

This is a vital topic, many are clearly ignorant of. That ignorance comes from some ancient prejudices between gentile and jewish believers. That conflict still assaults our faith today, and that should not be. May God use this Series to help men and women step out of darkness in to God’s Glorious Light, for the sake of both Jew and Gentile. May we all work together in unison, unity, harmony, and righteous faith, bringing Glory to God. 


Series Three: The Blood Covenant of God

This eye opening series will do much to challenge our faith, and deepen our understanding of your Jewish LORD and Savior, Yeshua Ha Meshiach, who is Jewish through and through. And the whole message of the Gospel is founded upon the Jewish Blood Covenant from the Beginning to the End. This message should open many eyes to see God’s Covenant as it really is, a Jewish Covenant of Blood, binding one man to another for Life.


Series Four: The Reasonings of God (This series is still ongoing much editing and revision)

This series is designed for new believers, and young believers challenging them to use both logic (from God’s perspective), and common sense (also from God’s perspective) in their daily interaction with conversations with themselves and with others in the world and in the faith that we might overcome and overthrow with wisdom and grace, the lies of this world and the teachings, woke attitudes (that are anything but awake), and lay down solid structures to build faith, hope, and love (from God’s Perspective) in everything we think, say, and do.


Series Five: True Relationships in God (This series is still ongoing much editing and revision)

This Living Reality, that relationships are the only eternal things we will take out of this life into the world to come, should produce a wake up call, that we need to invest ourselves: Our Time, Our Money, Our Talents, Our Sincere Efforts, and our sacrificial giving to those relationships in and around us for God’s Glory. Soon the clock will stop ticking, and our lives will be over, and no investments we be able to be made. Let that not be without having done marvelous and wonderful works in the lives of those we know and love.


Series Six: Skeptics Welcome (This series is still ongoing much editing and revision)

This series is to help both believers and non-believers the evidence that supports the Word of God from Cover to Cover. Much of this information is being hidden, mishandled and directly lied about on a daily basis in our current educational institutions, governmental institutions, our legal institutions, science and technology, news media and the like are all poised and ready, knives out and teeth bared, to cut and gouge anyone that not only does not agree with them, but also fully support them, and protect them in safe zones.


Series Seven: Learn, Grow and Share (This series is still ongoing much editing and revision)

This series involves both evangelism and discipleship. These two topics are the bread and butter of the New Testament Body of Christ. Without them, being worked out on a daily basis, all we have left is an empty shell of dead religion. We have the religion of the Pharisees and Saducees, the religion of the Nicolaitans, of the Laodiceans, of the Sardinians–we have trees with no fruit. We are called to be fruitful. To reproduce fruit. If there is no fruit on our branch, it is destined to dry up and be cut off.  Brethren, This should not be. We must not become complacent, compromised, lazy, and ineffective in our faith. Our discipleship process begins for those interested, by reading these seven series of presentations. Then, it is time to put these lessons and their ___ into action. We do this by walking through the door of evangelism. Sharing the message of the Cross with the Lost. There is no better or greater way to grow in your faith, and be stretched beyond your own limits and comfort zone than to step out and share the Word of God with the Lost.


For those who have completed all seven series and have interacted with others on these topics and have genuinely dialogued and cut their teeth in righteous relationships growing in their efforts … we would like to possibly do an outreach, or at least help organize an outreach to the lost in your area, to help others enter into the fields that are ripe and ready for the harvest. 


Please contact us with your interests.




Brother Thomas






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