or a.k.a. a narcissist. Where do I find myself on the scale of God’s Evaluation of a Proud Man, or Narcissist? 1———————————5———————————-10 When do I find myself in that position on the scale? What are the circumstances? What are the

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Puerperal fever is a disease that becomes epidemic in the eighteenth century as a result of two factors: the urban working masses generated by the industrial revolution and the progressive hegemonization and medicalization of birth care in large public hospitals.
–Institutionalized maternal death reached figures above 30%,
–while in the case of birth care provided by midwives, it was than 2%.

    Richard Palmer. (2022) Pope Apologizes for Killing Protestants | theTrumpet.com. Retrieved December 17, 2022, from https://www.thetrumpet.com/13544-pope-apologizes-for-killing-protestants thetrumpet.com Pope Apologizes for Killing Protestants By Richard Palmer • February 3, 2016 8–11 minutes Pope Francis officially apologized for persecuting Protestants

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