23 Nutrient Deficiency Signs & What to Do about Them

Below is an excellent introduction into how to nutritionally diagnose the cause of your health symptoms.


Of course, this post in no way claims medical advice, leave that to the doctors.


 0:00 Introduction: Nutrient deficiencies 

0:25 The main causes of nutrient deficiencies

1:50 Signs of a nutrient deficiency

23:37 Check out my video on how to identify a liver problem by looking at the foot!

23 different signs your body is deficient in nutrients and what to do: 

  1. A white spot on the nail • Get plenty of zinc • Stop eating sugar 
  2. Oily skin • Get plenty of zinc • Control your blood sugar levels 
  3. Cracking on the corners of the mouth or heels • Get plenty of B vitamins (nutritional yeast) • Get plenty of vitamin D 
  4. Flaking skin • Get plenty of omega-3 fatty acids (cod liver oil) • Reduce your omega-6 fatty acids 
  5. Yellow eyes • Get plenty of purified bile salts 
  6. Chronic cough • Get plenty of calcium lactate 
  7. Bleeding/red gums • Get plenty of vitamin C • Avoid sugar 
  8. Poor night vision • Get plenty of vitamin A 
  9. Chapped lips • Get plenty of B vitamins (nutritional yeast) • Avoid grains • Avoid chapstick 
  10. Pitting edema • Get plenty of potassium 
  11. Craving ice • Get plenty of iron 
  12. Angina • Get plenty of vitamin E • Avoid refined grains 
  13. Leg/calf cramps • Get plenty of magnesium, potassium, sodium, and B1 
  14. Irritability and excessive thinking • Get plenty of B1 (nutritional yeast) 
  15. Asthma • Get plenty of vitamin D 
  16. Loss of outer eyebrows • Get plenty of iodine (sea kelp) 
  17. Tightness in the right trap muscle • Get plenty of purified bile salts 
  18. Nightmares • Get plenty of vitamin B1 (nutritional yeast) • Avoid sugar and refined grains 
  19. Craving salty chips at night • Get plenty of sea salt 
  20. Stiff/painful low back • Get plenty of vitamin D 
  21. Craving dirt • Get plenty of iron 
  22. Erectile dysfunction • Get plenty of zinc 
  23. Depression • Get plenty of vitamin D 



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