50 years in the church of Rome – by Charles Chiniquy

Charles who wanted to share the Word of God with his own family and his neighbors was blocked even as a little boy.

The Priest tried to come into Charles Home and STEAL the Family Bible.

Chiniquy’s Testimony includes the Lawyer Abraham Lincoln that defended Charles twice from an organized attack to keep Chiniquy from transforming his community of Faith by the Word of God.

Charles Chiniquy wanted to serve God his entire life, yet was hindered by his own religion, and the leadership of those over him.
He was ridiculed, persecuted, slandered, and setup for theft, fraud, and extortion, by those who were responsible to be God’s Leaders over him.




The true story of Charles Chiniquy, a former Roman Catholic priest. 

Before Charles Chiniquy was born, his dad was studying to become a Roman Catholic priest in Canada. But he saw something happen in the Church that upset him so much, that he quit. He studied law and became a notary. As his father was leaving the priesthood he was given a going-away present by a close friend. It was a beautiful French and Latin Bible. 

When Chiniquy was 5 years old his mom taught little Charles to read that Bible because there were no schools. Little did she know the profound influence that little book would have on her son’s life. 

Charles Chiniquy wanted to obey and serve his church, but as he studied the scriptures, he became tormented as he learned that his church was wrong. 

It will break your heart as you learn how Catholics are being deceived into following a false religion. 

Chiniquy also reveals how Abraham Lincoln’s legal assistance against the Jesuits set him up for his murder… 


Fifty years in the church of Rome by Charles Chiniquy