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A Church Recipe for Disaster

If you want a true, sure fire, recipe for disaster:  

  1. Build a church on a 501c3 foundation.
  2. Direct it by a human board of directors, who are not submitted to the Holy Spirit, but are worldly advisers.
  3. Hire a hireling, professionally certified, licensed and seminary trained, worldly ordained pastor, who is also not submitted to the Holy Spirit, who does not walk in the power, authority, or boldness of God, nor lives by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God,  but who tries to fake it: 1) using a loud voice {or performance antics}, 2) a charismatic personality, 3) often becoming legalistic, hyper sensitive, holier than than thou “unapproachable,” thus negating his whole purpose of being a pastor.
  4. Use worldly marketing  to reach a big audience. Send out letters to the whole neighborhood. Invite people from all over. Hire a marketing company to brand your logo, and your name, and reach a bigger audience.
  5. Load down the pastors and the elders (leaders) with everything needed to become a Big Success. In other words, create a bunch of programs. Do everything but what God wants done:  Don’t Know the condition of your flock. Don’t meet the needs of the sheep individually, one on one, and don’t  take care of the sheep corporately. 
  6. Appoint elders, and teachers, to teach (program based, versus Holy Spirit led) classes based on  human programming (that don’t require leaders to be filled with the Spirit of God, or anointed with the Knowledge of God who are able to Teach) use proven marketing for lessons, written by famous and popular speakers that everybody loves. Have lots of individual special splinter interests groups driving the membership, and many programs in the Church, so you don’t have to be led by the Spirit or accountable to Him.
  7. Teach from a corrupt, anti-God, anti-Spirit, anti-Christ text, anti-Trinity, anti-Divinity Modern Translation Text.  Teach using worldly, carnally minded, entertaining illustrations (tickling ears), how to get ahead, how to feel better about yourself, how use your faith to make more money. Keep the focus on self and man pleasing human effort. Take the focus off Christ, off the Work of the Cross, off Eternal Salvation from an Eternity in Hell.
  8. Don’t teach how to witness, to become a fruitful worker in God’s Vineyard.
  9. Promote a worldly based carnally pleasing music service, based on worldly costumes and outward appearance, even promote the sex appeal of the singers, musicians, actors, (put them on display to perform), etc.
  10. Use a professional choir/music leader, or a Rock and Roll music band, with worldly based instruments and models, with a hip vibe, and a spirit to match)–ALL based on human performance, and the entertainment factor. Focus on the feelings. Not Obedience. Focus on self improvement and emotional closeness, not on self sacrifice that will create genuine closeness with the Lord.
  11. Don’t warn them of the dangers of being rejected by God after they come face to face. Keep everything warm and fuzzy, don’t emphasize the need to repent of sin, being transformed morally from the inside out.
  12. Make the teaching ministry humorous and entertaining.
  13. Make it provocative and intellectual. Tickle the ear of hearers, but do not convict them to be doers of the word, or if doers, only doers in a humanistic sense, not walking in the Power, Conviction, Boldness and Purity of the Gospel of Christ, as did the early apostles and leaders of the First Century Church,
  14. Do not train the sheep how to study and grow in the word of God personally. Keep them dependent on the words of the pastor, the leadership team, the denomination, etc.
  15. Don’t give your sheep a pastor who can example and disciple how to witness. Don’t give them one on one time with a pastor to go out and witness. Don’t take them to public places to share their faith. Don’t nurture every child of God in the ministry of evangelism. Train them to be passive listeners, not ever bold proclaimers of God’s Kingdom, Power, Mercy and Love. 
  16. Believe, teach, and practice, that No One will listen these days to outdoor evangelists. Tell the flock you’ll only push people further away from Christ if you to try to witness to them.
  17. Don’t allow testimonies of individuals coming out of sin into faith in Christ, of God healing, or of God Pouring out His Spirit on this class, this school, this neighborhood, this student fellowship, etc..
  18. Don’t promote times of intense and powerful prayer before each service where the whole body is encouraged to engage in sacred prayer and to seek God for everything He wants done in every service.
  19. Make prayer a formal performance thing, have an official person perform the duty of prayer on behalf of the whole congregation. And don’t create an exceptation that God may want to use many separate individuals (filled with faith) as guided by the Holy Spirit to bring words of exhortation, conviction, guidance, encouragement, necessary doctrine, and prayer. (Put all that responsibility on one person.
  20. Make sure you control every aspect of the Church meeting. Set the expectation that the clock and the schedule is an immovable idol. Teach the sheep that they  are the audience, and the Pastor is the lecturer. Lecturing the full 45 minutes designated to him after the official worship service, over and the church announcements have been reported..
  21. Don’t allow for songs to be spontaneous, or directed by those filled with the Spirit in the congregation. Leave that all up to the professional performers who get paid for performing.  Make all the music beautifully directed by one selected individual. (You don’t want to mess up the worldly performance, of the professional choir director, or the profession worship leader, right? That’s their job!
  22. Have only one teacher per week. Don’t promote multiple teachings, being led by the Spirit of God, like in the the Early Church, and as prescribed by Paul the Apostle in
    1 Corinthians 14:26-33.
  23. Set the schedule. Post it on the calendar. Tell God what He wants done before the service begins. Before the week or even the month begins. Never “be instant in season.” (2 Timothy 4:2-5)
  24. Do not teach the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Keep the flock ignorant (uninformed, misinformed, ill-informed, yes, but never confidently trained in using and walking boldly in the Gifts of the Spirit) and do not promote the proper use of those gifts in any church service. Do not teach about the proper use of the Gift of Tongues. Keep it a controversial and divisive topic. Do not teach on: The Gift of Prophecy, the Gift of Healing, The Gift of Intercession, Wisdom, Discerning of Spirits, the Gift of Faith. Keep everyone ignorant and inactive in these spiritual gifts, and the Boldness of Witnessing, and don’t allow them to function, inside or outside the church. Ostracize or even Excommunicate those who operate in the gifts of the Spirit. Label them freaks or heretics.
  25. Don’t lay hands on people to Baptize them in the Holy Spirit.
  26. Don’t have people baptized in the Holy Spirit, after they get saved. Tell them there is no such thing for today. That experience died with the original 12 apostles.
  27. Fill the church with false converts who base their salvation on an emotion. Try to keep the emotional need going. Keep them Coming to church to get a Worship fix, a prayer fix, an emotional fellowship fix, that will keep them coming back every week and leave the same as they came, unconvicted, unchanged, entertained, feeling good about themselves, and desirous to come next week for another pick me up, feel good, positive session of entertainment and enlightenment. 
  28. Don’t require immediate, complete, and permanent repentance.
  29. Don’t Anoint the Sick with Oil, don’t call the elders {who are not filled with the Spirit, nor the Gifts of Healing, the Gift of Faith, and the Power of God}, so don’t call them to do their work of the Ministry to Provide physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual Healing to the Body of Christ. Or when you anoint the sick, do so as a religious ritual, or a humanistic good idea, not empowered by the Holy Spirit–don’t actually believe and pursue genuine, true, powerful healing in the Body of Christ. Just fake it. (Just … Tell the sheep, God does his healing today through going to the Doctors, Psychiatrists, and Psychologists. Don’t expose the fact that the 501c3 church has no power to heal the sick, cast our demons, raise the dead, bind up the broken hearted, make the lame walk, the deaf hear, the mute speak, the blind to see, or to set the captive free, because the organization itself is in bondage to the world. And you don’t want to get thrown in jail for practicing medicine without a license.
  30. Don’t believe God for Salvation outside the church building. Act like the church building is something sacred and holy. 
  31. Recommend people bring their unsaved friends to church. In fact, fill up the church with unsaved people, but never really share with them the convicting and condemning parts of the Gospel, so they really learn “The Fear of the LORD, and truly desire and decide to “Flee the Wrath that is to Come.”
  32. Don’t Teach that God hates sin, and is Angry with the Sinner and the Wicked Every day. Don’t teach about how God does hate sinners, and he will send them to hell. Teach them, God is a God of Love, and He Loves all people, all the time. Don’t let them become aware, that in His Perfect Love there is Perfect Justice, and Perfect Judgment, and Perfect Punishment. 
  33. Don’t teach the Fear of the Lord.
  34. Become a “Seeker Friendly” Church. Important Note: 

    Do you recall in the early church people were afraid to join it. Why? Because of the HOLINESS OF GOD’S PRESENCE and HIS POWER, were near to the believers, because the believers were near to God.Do you remember what happened to two people who told a half truth to the church. “Yes, we sold our property and here’s the money.” Peter asked (being prompted by the Holy Spirit), “Is this all the money?” The answer was yes. Therein lies the lie. Ananias and Sapphira sold some property but held back part of the price for themselves, with the full knowledge that they were lying before the Church. And each one dropped dead, after lying to Peter. (Acts 5)Someone might say, “Well, people get away with way worse sins in church today!” Not true, no one gets away with any sin, no matter how big or small men think it. Every sin a man commits is punishable by death. “For the Wages of Sin is Death.” Romans 6:23.The Holy Spirit made this point clear with Ananias and Sapphira, and the whole early church. “The sins of some are evident immediately. The sins of others trial behind them.” The point here being: The Seeker Friendly Church is not a biblical concept. People willing to Come into to a True Holy Spirit Led Church (led by men and women who serve the Spirit of God day and night), should walk into a holy fellowship with the Fear of the Lord upon them. They should be careful not bring the world in with them. They should check all worldly mocking, spirit of lust, evil mindset, unclean thoughts and impure motives at the door, and never pick them up again. The Presence of God should fill the house because the Body of Christ, in the Temple of the Lord. When the Spirit lives in each individual believer, (Know ye not that ye are the temple of God?”) and when all the believers gather together, the become the Living Stones in the House of God, everyone fully charged and powered by God, full of His Spirit to the point of overflowing–Note: Not in Emotion, but in Spirit and Truth.1 Corinthians 3:16 (KJV) 16 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?

  35. Start a Radio, TV, or Internet Teaching Ministry. The Logic here: More is Better. The logic of Jesus is Less is Better. How can one man meet the needs of 1,000’s of people. The more people he focuses on, the less he will get done. The shallower, and less poignant they will become. 



Final Recipe Entry:
Teach that God Loves Everybody
no matter what they have done, no matter what their evil habits are, no matter what, God loves every single one of us unconditionally? (And don’t teach on God’s righteousness, and don’t teach on God’s holiness, and don’t teach on how to separate yourself from those who are in the world, who are headed for destruction.)

  • How true is it? Does God loves everyone unconditionally?
  • Did he love Korah, Dathan, and Abiram unconditionally? (Numbers 16:26-35)
  • Did God love Zimri and Cozbi unconditionally?
    (Numbers 25:6-9)
  • Did God love those in Sodom and Gomorrah unconditionally, who were sinning greatly and wickedly against the Lord? (Genesis 18)
  • Did God love Judas Iscariot unconditionally?
    (John 17:12; Matthew 26: 24–25)
  • Did God love the 5 foolish virgins, the goats, the man with one talent unconditionally? (Matthew 25:30), the man without Wedding Clothes (Matthew 22:13), the three men who made excuses to not come to his wedding banquet? the man with the proverbial millstone around his neck–Did God love all these unconditionally? (Luke 13:24–30)
  • I guess your answer will depend upon what your definition of loving someone unconditionally really means.
    (Matthew 8:11–12)
  • Mark this down: to walk in the love of God, to receive the blessings of God, to enjoy the salvation of God, to enter into the kingdom of God,  to live in the power of the spirit of God, you are required to meet a number of strict and binding conditions–joyfully. To not recognize this is presumption in the highest form, and to erase more than 50% of the message God has written to us in his word.



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