Does not a Higher Quality of Life, always Demand A Higher Standard?

  • Whose Standard of Life should we choose for Eternity?
  • Whose Standard of Life will you choose Right Now?

Did you Know (DYK) that your Higher Quality and Higher Standard must begin in this Life, or you won’t experience in the Next Life?

Hold that thought.


Can we establish that a higher quality is objectively more valuable than a lower quality? Yes. What makes it so?

The market demands more money for a Mercedes 300, than a Chevy Spark, right? (It costs roughly $30,000 more.) And more for a Ford F-350, than a F-150, right? Why? Because the quality is higher.

Higher Quality Demands a Higher Standard. When you lower the standard, you lower the quality, and you lower the price–which is just a reflection of the Standard and Quality.


Men Value Quality.

  • What would a Billionaire pay to live an extra 100 years in perfect health? How much is 50 years worth? 10 years?
  • What would He pay for a new set of eyes (to replace the old set that went blind)?


Higher Quality demands Higher Standards, which in turn require Higher Laws, to regulate, and produce Higher Standards and Higher Quality, Right?

Without God’s Laws, men DEVOLVE into basic carnal animal darkness (and rank evil behavior). Please Note that eviL is Live spelled backwards.

Remove the Light from a Room what Happens? It becomes Dark.

Remove the Light from a People, guess what happens. They become Dark. And they stay in the Dark until somebody discovers the Light and turns it on.

God’s Light is His Word. Those who receive gain a Higher Quality of Life, because they learn about a Higher Standard of Living, which Demands a Higher Set of Rules and Laws to Govern personal behavior and community relationships.

Before the Gospel of Yeshua reached Norway, my ancestors were some of the most feared, savage, brutal, demonically inspired rapists and raiders in all of Europe. Since the Gospel has be spread to Norway, it has engineered one of the Highest Standards of Living anywhere in the World.

This is what happens when Light Comes into the World!

You can fully see this happen through the lives of 5 men, who brought the Light of God to the Auca (a brutally savage Indian community) living in the Amazon Rain Forest.

Check out this story below:

Jim Eliot, Ed McCully, Roger Youderian, Nate Saint, Pete Fleming–all speared to death in a matter of minutes, but their work has transformed an entire tribe for eternity. God’s Higher Standard of Love Wins the Day!

Elisabeth Elliot helped make a movie about Operation Auca called Through Gates of Splendor.

Here is that short movie:


Four Jim Eliot quotes:

“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose.”

“When the time comes to die, make sure that all you have to do is die!”

“Forgive me for being so ordinary while claiming to know so extraordinary a God.”

“God always gives His best to those who leave the choice with Him.”





January 2, 1956, was the day that 28-year-old Jim Elliot had waited for most of his life. He jumped out of bed, dressed as quickly as he could, and got ready for the short flight over the thick Ecuador (Eck-wah-door) jungle. Almost three years of jungle ministry and many hours of planning and praying had led Jim to this day. Within hours, he and four other missionaries would be setting up camp in the territory of a dangerous and uncivilized Indian tribe known then as the Aucas (Ow-cuz), known now as the Waodani (Wah-o-dah-nee). The Aucas had killed all outsiders ever caught in their area. Even though it was dangerous, Jim Elliot had no doubt God wanted him to tell the Aucas about Jesus.

Growing Up
As a little boy growing up in Portland, Oregon, Jim Elliot listened carefully as visiting missionaries told about life on faraway missions fields. He asked them questions and dreamed about being a missionary himself some day. It made him sad that so many people in other countries died without knowing about God.

The Long Boat Trip
On February 2, 1952, Jim Elliot waved goodbye to his parents and boarded a ship for the 18-day trip from San Pedro, California to Quito (Kee-toe), Ecuador, South America.

He and his missionary partner, Pete Fleming, first spent a year in Quito learning to speak Spanish. Then they moved to Shandia (Shan-dee-ah), a small Quichua (Kee-chew-wah) Indian village to take the place of the retiring missionary. Jim and Pete studied hard to learn the language and fit in. Their hard work paid off; in six months, both were speaking Spanish well enough to move to Shandia. When they arrived in Shandia, they also had to learn the speech of the Quichuas.

Planning to reach the Aucas
Three years later many Quichuas had become faithful Christians. Jim now began to feel it was time to tell the Aucas about Jesus.

The Aucas had killed many Quichuas. They had also killed several workers at an oil company-drilling site near their territory. The oil company closed the site because everyone was afraid to work there. Jim knew the only way to stop the Aucas from killing was to tell them about Jesus. Jim and the four other Ecuador missionaries began to plan a way to show the Aucas they were friendly.

Nate Saint, a missionary supply pilot, came up with a way to lower a bucket filled with supplies to people on the ground while flying above them. He thought this would be a perfect way to win the trust of the Aucas without putting anyone in danger. They began dropping gifts to the Aucas. They also used an amplifier to speak out friendly Auca phrases. After many months, the Aucas even sent a gift back up in the bucket to the plane. Jim and the other missionaries felt the time had come to meet the Aucas face-to-face.

One day while flying over Auca territory, Nate Saint spotted a beach that looked long enough to land the plane on. He planned to land there and the men would build a tree house to stay safe in until friendly contact could be made.

The missionaries were flown in one-by-one and dropped off on the Auca beach. Nate Saint then flew over the Auca village and called for the Aucas to come to the beach. After four days, an Auca man and two women appeared. It was not easy for them to understand each other since the missionaries only knew a few Auca phrases. They shared a meal with them, and Nate took the man up for a flight in the plane. The missionaries tried to show sincere friendship and asked them to bring others next time.

For the next two days, the missionaries waited for other Aucas to return. Finally, on day six, two Auca women walked out of the jungle. Jim and Pete excitedly jumped in the river and waded over to them. As they got closer, these women did not appear friendly. Jim and Pete almost immediately heard a terrifying cry behind them. As they turned they saw a group of Auca warriors with their spears raised, ready to throw. Jim Elliot reached for the gun in his pocket. He had to decide instantly if he should use it. But he knew he couldn’t. Each of the missionaries had promised they would not kill an Auca who did not know Jesus to save himself from being killed. Within seconds, the Auca warriors threw their spears, killing all the missionaries: Ed McCully, Roger Youderian, Nate Saint, Pete Fleming and Jim Elliot.

Waiting to Hear
Late in the afternoon of Sunday, January 8, Elisabeth Elliot, Jim’s wife, waited by the two-way radio to hear Nate Saint and his wife discuss how things had gone that day. But there was no call. As evening turned to night, the wives grew worried. They knew the news was not good.

The next morning another missionary pilot flew over the beach to look for the men. He saw only the badly damaged plane on the beach.

News quickly spread around the world about the five missing missionaries. A United States search team went to the beach, found the missionaries’ bodies, and buried them.

But don’t think Operation Auca ended there, because it didn’t. In less than two years Elisabeth Elliot, her daughter Valerie, and Rachel Saint (Nate’s sister) were able to move to the Auca village. Many Aucas became Christians. They are now a friendly tribe. Missionaries, including Nate Saint’s son and his family, still live among the Aucas today.

Elisabeth Elliot even helped make a movie about Operation Auca called Through Gates of Splendor. It showed real life scenes of the five missionaries on the beach with the friendly Aucas. It also included footage of the two years she and her daughter spent living in an Auca village.

Jim’s Mission
During his life, Jim Elliot longed for more people to become missionaries. In his death, however, he probably inspired more people to go to other countries to share the love of Jesus than he ever could have in life.

Whom has more to offer?

Whom has more to lose?

Who has been truthful?

Who has told a lie?

Whom is more worthy of our time? our thought? our will, and our ways? More Honorable? More Giving? More Forgiving.

Whom is less worthy? Less honorable? Less Giving? Less Forgiving?

When a man meditates on what is Good, Right, Pure, Faithful, True, Loving, Serving, Righteous, and Just … What does He See? What images come into His Mind? Where do those images come from? Who originated them?

When a man meditates on what is Bad, Wrong, Impure, Unfaithful, Unloving, Self-serving, Unrighteous, and Unjust … What does he See? What images come into His mind? Where do those images come from? Who originated them?

When you picture War, Hate, Vengeance, Anger, Lying, Stealing, Rape, Adultery, Drunkeness, Partying, Blaspheming? Where do these pictures come from? Who is originating and promoting them?

God’s Life versus Man’s Life


God’s Life

Man’s Life

Live for Eternity.

Live under 100 years.

Friends are Forever.

Friends are Temporary.

Loneliness Doesn’t Exist.

Loneliness Abounds.

No Sickness Exists.

Disease and Sickness Abound.

Reward: Eternal Life!

Reward: Eternal Death

(That is the “Second Death”)

Eternal Pleasure.

Eternal Pain.

No Divorce. No broken relationships.

Rampant Divorce. Constant Broken Rel’ps.

Family Relationships

are Eternal

Filled with Grace.

Family Relationships

are Temporary.

Filled with Turmoil.

No Orphans.

Many Orphans, Unwanted Children and Abortions.

Peace with God and Man.

Turmoil with God and man.

Love is Solid Like a Rock.

Love is Reliable, Trustworthy.

Love is vacuous, like a vapor. Love is Unreliable, UnTrustworthy

Unselfish Giving.

Selfish Control and Taking whenever, wherever possible.

No Theft.

Regular thefts.

No Murder.

Regular murders.

No Lying.

Regular lying. Cannot hardly

trust anyone.

No Cheating.

Regular cheating.

No Medical Bills.

Increasing Medical Bills as you get older.

No Mortgages.

High Mortgages.

No Taxes

High Taxes.

No Bullies.

Lots of Bullies.

No Put Downs.

Regular Put Downs.

Continual Unstoppable Joy.

No Sorrow. No Regrets.

Sporadic, Short Lived Joy,followed by tremendous sorrow,

Continual Regrets!

No Depression

Lots of Depression.

No Gangs, No Violence,

No Wars

Gangs, Violence, Wars.

No Famines, No plagues

No natural disasters.

Famine, Plague,

Natural disasters.

No Adultery, No Fornication, No Rape, No Incest,

No Homosexuality,

No Beastiality.

Every Kind of Sexual Perversion.

No slavery or

sex trafficking

Slavery & Sex Trafficking.

No Hatred, Rage, Jealousy, Evil Suspicions,

False Accusations,


Lots of Hatred, Rage, Jealousy, Evil Suspicions, False Accusations,

Lots of Blaming OTHERS and Blaming GOD.

No Occult or Witchcraft or Palm Readers or Superstition.

Fully Resting in

the Glory, Majesty, and

Trust of the One True God.

All forms of false Religions and Spiritism, and Occults Practices.

No Real Trust in God or Man, And No real Trust in Self or Others.

No Lies, No Deceit, No Betrayals, No Broken Promises.

Constant Lies, Deceit, Betrayals and Broken Promises.

No Holding Grudges,


Lots of Grudges,

No Real Godly Forgiveness.

No Need for Revenge.

Feels the Need for Revenge.

Beauty Fills the Eye Gate.

The Seduction of Lust, Greed, Materialism, Sinful Pleasures,

Fill the Eye Gate.

Beautiful Songs and Stories,

Fill the Ear Gate.

Songs/Stories of Seduction, Lust, Promiscuity, Violence and Sin,

Fill the Ear Gate.

Pure Heavenly Bonding

Corrupt Earthly Attraction



In short: There will be no unkind, ungenerous, unloving, unforgiving, ungracious

people in Heaven, in God’s Kingdom.

There will be: no gossips, no slanderers, no extortioners, no perverted, no greedy, no liars, no deceivers, no foolish, no ignorant, no violent, no impatient, no lazy, no proud, no arrogant, no insensitive, no mean, no nasty, no foul mouthed, no impure, no unclean, or ungodly people in Heaven.

If these types of people lived in Heaven, it would no longer be Heaven, but just another Hell populated by the evil mindsets of men, that hate God.

Feel Free to copy and add more categories to this list.

I’d like to hear about some of your favorites.


Brother Thomas

   God’s Life    Man’s Life
  Live for Eternity.   Live under 100 years (99.99%).
  No Sickness.   Disease and Sickness Prone.
  Reward: Eternal Life.   Reward: Eternal Death
  (This is the Second Death)
  Eternal Pleasure.   Eternal Pain.
  No Divorce.
No broken
  Rampant Divorce. Constant Broken Rel’ps.
  Peace with God
and Man.
  Turmoil with God and man.
  Love is Solid
Like a Rock.
  Love is empty, like a vapor.
  Unselfish Giving.   Selfish Control and Taking whenever,
wherever possible.
  No Theft.   Regular thefts.
  No Murder.   Regular murders.
  No Lying.   Regular lying. Cannot truly trust anyone.
  No Cheating.   Regular cheating.
  No Medical Bills.   Increasing Medical Bills.
  No Mortgages.   Large Mortgages. No Debt.


1 John 2:15-17 (ESV)
15 Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16 For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride of life—is not from the Father but is from the world. 17 And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.


1 John 5:1-5 (ESV)
1 Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ has been born of God, and everyone who loves the Father loves whoever has been born of him. 2 By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and obey his commandments. 3 For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments. And his commandments are not burdensome. 4 For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith. 5 Who is it that overcomes the world except the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?


If you want to see what man offers for stability, logic, common sense, and social clarity and human rights. You need to look carefully.

A higher standard for Sexual Social Justice:

Openness Unhindered: Further Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert | Rosaria Butterfield | PhD – YouTube

Lesbian Women’s Studies Professor Comes to Christ: Rosaria Butterfield – The Becket Cook Show Ep. 55 – YouTube

“There’s No Such Thing as a Gay Person” R. Butterfield & C. Yuan – The Becket Cook Show Ep. 58 – YouTube



A higher standard for Political Social Justice:

Why do world leaders commend and support and condone violent, club wielding, fire bomb throwing, life and peace threatening, mace spraying, window smashing,  BLM Rioting, with City Take Overs, Destruction of Property, personal businesses, federal buildings, state and local parks,  personal homes, the killing of law abiding citizens, and more?

Yet the same people condemn peaceful, non-violent, non-aggressive, property respecting, people respecting protesting truckers?




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