Why Would the Smithsonian bury and destroy a vast amount of historical and vitally important artifacts that have been collected and reported on for more than two centuries?

If an individual, or an institution (or even a whole nation) has an agenda, it will hide and/or discredit any information that discredits its own agenda. That is history repeating itself.

That is very possibly what is happening in this case.

All examples, and/or any legitimate: testimony, or eye witness accounts, research, historical data, in short any credible and authentic evidence will be discredited by the ones in control of the information resources and distribution of such information.  Every Political, Military, Religious, Judicial, Financial, Entertainer, Leader, Teacher, or public voice will seek to promote their own agenda first, while at the same time will try to cast spuron –which by nature seeks to avoid or discredit anything that . Therefore before


Decide for yourself after examining the evidence …



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