Ok, I have to admit: I am personally conflicted over this subject. To be honest I really like many contemporary Christian music songs I would put on a list below. My natural man, really likes the feel good quality of the musicians, and atmosphere it engenders. I really like the music by many artists. Some of the songs they write are directly related to the scriptures, with all that being said, it makes it hard to say this:

I still have to plead for a Strong Warning …


WARNING: I highly recommend  for True Worshippers to avoid certain MUSIC GROUPS. Here is why …

Many Berean Type Believers, Test and Prove the Doctrines being Taught to them.

They Research any and every Doctrine Presented to them, and Examine To See if it comes from the Scriptures or if it is Opposed in the Scriptures.  And they do that in good faith. Testing everything and everyone to see if they are approved. (As the Bereans did when Paul came and preached the Gospel them for the first time–they all got together and searched the scriptures to see if what Paul was saying was lining up with their Bibles. And they decided Paul’s Message Did, and then became faithful obedient followers of the Word of God.)

If we do this with teachers and preachers and their doctrines: How much more should we be doing this with Worship Leaders, Music Bands, and their Song Writers?

Remember the Christian Music Industry is just that–an Industry. It is prompted and motivated to make Money. For many that means to get rich, make lots of money, be in the spot light, become famous, be a celebrity, live the high life. Travel and Party and experience the World–in a Christian Bubble, that may look like a gospel thing, but is it really? It may be, though, it may not be. That is why it needs to be tested. Just because a song sounds good–should that be the only analysis? Doesn’t Satan make music that sounds good?

Can you see how this can be a strong conflict of interest? If you are literally worshipping at the feet of such carnally motivated worship, and worship leaders, what can of experience and what kind of impact is that going to have on your spiritual life? What is your worship leader is secretly a Satan Worshipper? Wouldn’t you want to know that? Secretly a porn addict? An Adulterer? An occult member? A soldier of darkness disguised in the Light, accepted, followed, and celebrated by false leadership without discernment, and false fellowships without discernment.

This is a serious business:

I recommend you test and examine the following Individuals and the Church Movements they have Influenced:

  • Rodney Howard Brown
  • Pensacola Revival
  • the Tronto Blessing
  • Lakewood Revival
  • Randy Clarke
  • Hillsong
  • NAR
    • C. Peter Wagner† • Global Harvest Ministries (London, ON, Canada)
    • Bill and Beni Johnson • Bethel Church (Redding, CA)
    • Kris Vallotton • Bethel Church (Redding, CA)
    • Rick Joyner • MorningStar Ministries (Fort Mills, SC)
    • Chuck Pierce • Glory of Zion International Ministries (Corinth, TX)
    • Mike Bickle • International House of Prayer IHOP-KC (Kansas City, MO)
    • Lou Engle • TheCall (Colorado Springs, CO)
    • Heidi Baker • Iris Global (Redding, CA)
    • Todd White • Lifestyle Christianity (Hurst, TX)
    • Todd Bentley • Fresh Fire USA (Pineville, NC)
    • Ché Ahn • Harvest International Ministry, HRock Church (Pasadena, CA)
    • Cindy Jacobs • Generals International (Red Oak, TX)
    • to name just a few …


that promote HERESY and have a horrific unbiblical track record in their spiritual practices and so called bible teachings. Some are based on humanism, others based in the occult, others are seeped in greed, mammon, and generating material wealth through their faith. None of this could be further from the Work of the Cross and the Message of the Gospel. (BeHold the hand, behold the nail, freely you have received, freely give.) The Word of God says to Flee from Such influences. Normally, I would not name names, but on this important subject I will post a short list: Please beware of Bethel, Hillsong, and the NAR to  Both of these  … be protected from false worship traditions that have creeped into false fellowship that feels good [MORE ].