What is the difference between contradictory statements and complementary statements?

Many people take issue that there seems to be disagreement about eyewitness accounts in the Bible.

Three things you need to know about apparent contradictions:

  1. When you don’t pay careful attention, you can claim there’s a contradiction when No contradiction exists.
  2. When two people tell the exact same story using the exact same details, and the exact same way, there’s a high predictability of collusion.
  3. When two people freely tell their own perspective of a specific event, it would be expected that they do not share the exact same information, but include details from their own unique experience that would be different from each other.

What I find is a lot of ignorant begging the question happening among insincere people–Who are looking for excuses to accuse the Bible of being illegitimate, being inaccurate, lacking authentic authority. These people are desirous and motivated to denigrate the Bible, because they don’t like its message.