CHAPTERS: 0:00 Intro

2:23 The God Squad

9:21 Make Me A Belieber

26:03 Pay To Pray

36:58 The Mistress

50:19 An Empire Explodes

1:02:40 Pet Palate Cleanser


Carl Lentz was known as the rockstar pastor of the global megachurch, Hillsong. He was cool, hip, and in with celebrities and Hollywood elite. He even became best friends with Justin Bieber and had the young popstar living with him. Carl Lentz built a congregation of 10,000 a week that drew celebrities like Kevin Durant, Chris Pratt, Selan Gomez, Kendall and Kylie, and more… Every Sunday there was a line that went around the block as if people were waiting for access to a nightclub. Carl Lentz was one of the most prominent pastors in the United States… Until he wasn’t. This is the story of his scandalous downfall and betrayal that involves much more than just a mistress (or three). Please do not send hate to anyone mentioned in this video. Researched, written, and edited by: NOT THE GOOD GIRL





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