This webpage addresses the most life impacting challenge you can ever undertake.

I know that’s a bold statement, but I will stand behind it 100%.

And the challenge is this:

Can you overcome the Deception of your own personal Double Standard?

Personally, I believe everyone has the right, and the responsibility to examine and overcome their own personal double standards, that most likely they are quite oblivious to.

But before this can happen, each person must be exposed to critically see their own deception that will blind their eyes and predictably caused them to remain in the dark about their own double standard.

If you will simply listen to and observe all the evidence based on historical, scientific, archaeological, literary, and factual evidence, on this page I believe there is a high probability that you can and will be able to examine and overcome your own personal self deceiving double standards that are hiding in the darkness and keeping you from the light.

  • How do men get stuck in prejudice?
  • How do men become racist?
  • How do men allow themselves to do anything that is unkind, unjust, or downright patently evil?

Answer: Because men, women, and children hold themselves to a double standard.

Have you ever been Deceived by a Double Standard?

The answer should be obvious.


The information below is prepared for both skeptics and believers who both need this information to prepare themselves for the future.

I am quite familiar what’s the arguments for and against the reliability of the Bible.

I am quite confident that you will discover information here that you have never heard before, and this information will convince you of things that will radically shift your perception, and your life.

It’s time to compare the Bible and its knowledge and validity by the same Standard we use to apply to any other piece of written literature, history, science, or any other eye witness judicial testimony. If we cannot be objective, unbiased, and non-prejudice in this endeavor: How can we be unbiased in any endeavor?

Are you stuck in your prejudices?

Our modern education has forsaken the plan of teaching students how to think, they focuse on teaching students what to think. Like in journalism, we used to be presented with two opposing views, and were challenged to make our own decisions. Not so in today’s Schooling, Journalism, and Media. It is more like programming than than educating. As a result, prejudices are ruling the day. This next video may challenge many to address and see their prejudices in a new way.

4.5 min.

If you are not aware of the logical fallacies clever debaters and detractors use to sound really convincing, you may be deceived by the double standard they use, that is until you uncover and expose their logical fallacies.

When investigating a claim, or counterclaim, please be aware of the unethical tactics that unethical speakers use to keep you in the dark.

Let’s Look at Two Claims Men use to Deny the Truth: 1) Many people have heard and believed a double standard that belies their own deception. This opens the door to hypocrisy and greater deception that will keep them in the dark.

4 min.

Below is a second witness confirming they need to denounce the double standard problem.


The Reliability of the Bible


Errors in the Bible …

time: 7:05 minutes


Unique Character Traits that lend credence to a Historical Narrative

Dr William Lane Craig in Austrailia

Time: 3:13



The chain of custody for the evidence

Time: 4:39



Can I trust the Bible?

9 Discoveries that Confirm the Bible

TIME: 8:00



Reliability of the Bible