Chapter 11


The Blood Covenant of God

The Fall of Mankind
(Pick One)



The Genesis Road to Redemption:
Day Six: Man & Animals 


Only a supernatural, incomparably wise, intelligent beyond our imagination, massively powerful, infinitely resourceful, and creative God could pull off making an astonishingly large universe. Then choose one comparatively small planet to fill with Life. Then choose one single, solitary lonely man to begin naming all the animals in Creation, apparently as they were being created.

As Elohim would create a pair of floppy eared jack rabbits, He would ask Adam: What will you name this couple? And whatever Adam named them, that was their name.

Now mind you, Adam was less than 24 hours old, and yet he was fully alive, fully cognizant, fully connected to Elohim, and apparently in my mind fully enjoying his new role of being the Premiere Author, Editor, and Annotator of Animales Encyclopedia de Creación. [Now, here comes a little bit of a rabbit it trail, but it will be worth it.]

Now, that just begs the question: Which Language did Adam and Elohim Speak? I doubt it was Japanese, because it comes from a derivative of Chinese, which came first. And I don’t think it is Chinese, because Chinese, though noble and beautiful, has so many root characters (214 in their alphabet, called radicals), so it would be cumbersome to use right out of the box, so to speak.

Although Ancient Chinese is an ancient language, and it does have a lot of the character qualities I would look for in a candidate for guessing Adam’s original language that he used to name the animals: I have another choice to put forward and the reasons why will become self evident shortly.

First, the language of Adam, I believe, will have a picture based (pictograph) foundation (like Chinese). Second, it will have an unbroken lineage, if it is still alive today (like Chinese).  Third,  it will have many prophetic and powerful ties to the People of God throughout the centuries and millenniums of human history (like Chinese). Forth, it will be a language easy to comprehend, and easy to command, and be the basis for several other languages, even English, French, Spanish, Latin, Greek, Phoenician, and others. Fifth, it will be a language that will be hard to misinterpret, hard to misquote. Sixth, it will be a language this is easy enough for a child to understand, yet profound enough to declare the Wonders of God. Seven, it will be an earthy language, grounded and rooted in visual pictures, and human experience that are deeply connected to earthly real concrete things.

Can you guess my first choice? No, it is not Swahili. Not Korean, nor Arabic. Not Samoan, nor Norwegian. My first choice is still being spoken today, by the very hand and miracle of God. It is one of the few dead languages to rise from the Dead.

If it were not for the miraculous Hand and Protection of God, this language would not be spoken today, and this people would not exist today. They would have been exterminated by their enemies who far out number them. Below is just one example, a picture worth more than a thousand words. The sworn enemies of this people and language are in Red. Many have been taught (brain washed) since childhood to take a vow to wipe this people and their language off the face of the earth. And they would have succeeded, But God …

But God clearly intervened.

One of the most significant weeks, in modern history, is all but ignored, and misunderstood by the world of men, because they do not know about the blood covenant of God. This one week, proves the Word of God is fully active and alive in our Day.

Ever you hear of the 6 day War? This War was instigated by the Enemies of God’s People. This war sets the stage for the fulfillment of one of the most current prophecies in the Old Testament to be fulfilled. As a result of this war. Jerusalem, the Chosen City of God throughout History, once again came under the under the control of the Jewish people for the first time in nearly 2000 years of Human History. And the official Legal Governmental language of Jerusalem became the “Pure Lip” of God, the Hebrew Language. Never has such a thing happened in the History of the World.

Check out this next picture.

Six-Day War

A memorial ceremony in Jerusalem’s Hebrew Stadium for Israeli soldiers killed during the Six-Day War
—each helmet represents a dead soldier, 1967. Perhaps 800-to-900 Israeli soldiers were killed in the war.
The Arab states saw an estimated 24,000 soldiers dead or missing.  Leonard Freed / Magnum Photos


What this teaches Mankind, is that God is serious about keeping his promises. He promised to destroy Jerusalem, two times due to their flagrant breaking of the Blood Covenant of God. Once in 586 BC. Once in AD 70. And God kept His promises both Times. He also promised to restore Jerusalem to His People, and He kept His promise in 1967. He established Jerusalem as the Center of His Jewish Nation, and the City of God once again became a city and people of “pure lip” speaking the Holy Language of God. Such things have never happened to any other country in human history.

Six years later: The enemies of God had planned to destroy God’s People on the Holiest Day of God’s Calendar, Yom Kippur, which is the Highest and Holiest Day, during the Feast of Tabernacles. It is the One Day, all the people of God gather together and confess their sins to God. It is also called the Day of Atonement. The enemy chose this day to triumph over Israel, and to proud fully show their own Superiority over the People of God, and the Word of God, but God had other plans. “Pride goes before a Fall.”

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  • More on the Yom Kippur War.
  • More on the Pictograph Language of God (and according to my humble opinion, of Adam) 
  • More on How the Chinese Language Connects to the Word of God


Man’s agenda versus God’s agenda

One Point I want to bring out: The difference between Man’s Sovereignty and God’s.

Man wants to force his agenda upon God’s people and God’s word, but God has a different agenda.

The majority of the population have been taught … actually it is not teaching. It is programming, so let’s rewrite this sentence.

A majority of the population have  been programmed, have been brain washed, have been controlled and manipulated, have been bombarded with fairly tales in the Name of Science, with signals, sentences, words, and false images and false testimony, for over 100 years, and have been strong armed to believe in the pagan religion of atheistic evolution.

And many still believe and teach this pagan religion against all evidence to the contrary.

Yet God’s Word calls these men who teach their false and clearly wicked doctrines:  Liars, Thieves, Arrogant, Foolish, Deceived, Empty, Ignorant, Vile, Rash, and Damned insipid infidels, that have no understanding, nor comprehension, nor wisdom, nor knowledge. Nor insight ror righteousness.


So what is God’s Proof?

Ever hear the saying: “Actions speak louder than words?” Now, check this out: Even if God never spoke one word beyond the creation of the world and everything in it., He would still be the Creator of the world. The very actions and Fruits of His Creation declare He is the Creator of the Universe, the Earth, the Land, the Seas, the Sun, Moon, and Stars, the Planets, the Fish, Whales, Bears, monkeys, horses, dogs, kittens, frogs, and snakes. Not one word more needs to be spoken to confirm his Creation, because his creation confirms it.

Simple: God’s Proof is His Creation: God’s Covenant with All Creation further confirms his proof that what God says, God does. And what God does continues to endure according to His Time frame, according to His Written and Unchangeable Testimony.

The Creation itself testifies that it had a Creator: Every Creation has a beginning, and a source of its creation. No person in their right mind would ever look at a building and say: “I think that building built itself!” or Look at a Mercedes-Benz, and say that car built itself. (This is: Unless he was a university professor, with many college grants from rich atheist donors, that pay his salary, and dictate what he can and cannot teach. So basically, he was paid to lie for a living.)

Every honest person knows intuitively that every building has a builder, Every Book has a Writer (and a language). Every Design has a Designer.  Every painting has a painter. Everything in creation has a Creator.

The proof of that is in the Creation itself.


What is man’s Proof?

Buildings DO NOT build themselves. What if it had millions of years to do the building? Not even close. The more time you include in the equation, the less chance you have of having a building. This is due to the second law of thermodynamics, the Law of Attrition, or Entropy, which states physical things break down over time, they don’t improve over time. In other words, things decay. Wood decays. Iron rusts. Buildings fall apart. If it took a million years to build a building, the materials you started would be dust and ashes by the end. Nothing about macro evolution passes any true test of science, or historical, or legal testimony. Zero evidence. Zero Truth. No science involved, just another whacky religious belief system created by men with an agenda.


God’s Agenda Continues

In Genesis Day Three: The seeds today are doing exactly what God designed them to do back then on the day HE created them. That is testimony to God’s Creation. And that accurately fits the historical record. Animals are doing exactly today what God designed them to do back then, and as they were when they were created: They ALL reproduce according to their kinds. Nothing has changed since the beginning. God has not stopped fulfilling his covenant with His Creation, His living plants and animals endure because of Him.

And yes. God did create the ability of flora and fauna (plants and animals) to adapt to their environments–this was necessary for the survival of both, especially due to the Fall of Mankind, which God knew would happen, and which would create a much harsher environment than He originally created, so the creation itself needed to adapt, and that was part of the design put into creation, giving it the ability to adapt. That is a further sign, and signal, of the depth of wisdom and intelligence that went into the Design of the Creation.







The Jewish faith is based on the biblical covenants made with Abraham, Moses, and David. See also Ark of the Covenant.

In day 4, God made a covenant with the fish of the seas (the sea creatures) to multiply, and fill seas, and with the birds of the air to do the same


Thankfully, God provided all the necessary ingredients for the fish, and birds, and creatures or the sea and land to prosper and multiple. If there was not a proper food chain in place and an abundant supply of food, and just the right kind of water, the right kind of air, the right kind of soil, the right kind of minerals, salt, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and every nutrient and bacteria, fungus, mold, insects, and microscopic life that supplies food and waste and life to the whole world’s eco-system. Without all the insect world in place being able to pollinate the trees, plants, flowers, and vegetables, there would not be follow for any species to prosper and grow in the health state God had intended. Every little and big thing needed to not only be in place but also be in balance. Too much of this … and everything dies. Not enough of that … and everything dies.

Absolutely everything needed to be provided and ready, all of it being in perfect place, and being fully and adequately prepared and available at the time of need or …??? No life on earth would be able to prosper, let alone fill the Earth. 


Just a few degrees tilt on the earth’s axis, and all life dies. A little to much hydrogen and the world burns up. Not enough atmosphere or cloud cover and the radiation from the sun kills all living things. Too much or not enough gravitational pull on the Earth, on the Moon, on the other planets, and the whole solar system goes into chaos. Too much magnetism or not enough, we all die.

And they said it all happened by accident, random accidents, over and over, making life happen. That’s like throw some steal, some rubber, some glass, and some plastic into and old barn and wait a millions years until out comes a Mercedes-Benz! Wow. Yeah.

Like that’s gonna happen.

Do you know how much more technologically advanced and complicated your human eye is compared to a Mercedes-Benz?  Can you even list all the technology, and chemical structures? bio-electric, and bio-mechanical structures? and support systems and food systems and nervous systems and digestive systems and brain waves, and blood vessels, and the water cycles, and the transportation systems, and the self replicating manufacturing plants, and the DNA structures that are necessary for you to functionally use eye one of your eyes for one hour,  is that all the technology that goes into a Mercedes-Benz? 


Gratefully, God provided everything, absolutely everything  all the animals, insects, we needed to grow and 


And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon,

to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it,

and the Lamb is the light thereof.

    ~Revelation 21:23 (KJV)


So you can see that Jesus clearly is the Light of the world. He begins as the light of the World, and He Ends as the Light of the Heaven. He manifests His Great Light for all mankind, for all that will accept His Kingdom and His Kingship, He is the Glorious Light of Heaven.

And this is revealed, or rather introduced in the very beginning of the scripture.

Jesus is also the living Word of God. It was his word that was spoken that brought all of creation into being. And yet he was not working alone, the father gives him his words to speak, and the spirit gives the words power to create. The three persons of God are always working together, and they are one, one God in three persons.



Study to shew thyself approved unto God,
a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,
rightly dividing the word of truth.
         ~ 2 Timothy 2:15 (KJV) 








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