A STORY in video format about the End Times, and the End of the World (as we know it) and how they relate to us today.

It demonstrates how Bible Prophecy speaks to specific past events that have come to pass exactly as foretold, and that helps us trust and also understand that future events also will happen as foretold.

The detractors will say something like, “Yeah, but … what about Nostradamus and all the other religious prophecies etc.

The difference is in accuracy, dates, times, sequence of events, Names of People, names of nations, and the conditions explicitly laid out … in Bible Prophecy are unparalleled to any other prophetic records.

According to many Bible teachers, the Bible has devoted approximately 1/4 of its content to the subject of prophecy. A strong case can be made that the entire Bible is prophetic and nature–In this sense that prophecies are foretold, and then those same prophecies are fulfilled both good and bad, throughout the lives of those who are described in the word of God.


The future keeps unfolding just has the Bible has predicted, or rather, the Author of the Bible has foretold us.

Shalom, Brother Thomas


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