Learning Hebrew is like starting a new relationship


You are about to Learn the True Origins and True Meaning , and the prophetic nature of GOD’s Story, imbedded in The NAME OF GOD.

Hold on to your hat because you are about to take a spin through 4000+ years of ancient history to discover a mystery intended to radically and completely change your LIFE, and give you a revelation that will impact the Life of everyone you know. That is a bold statement I know. So let me back it up with some cold hard facts that will blow your mind, but only if you let them.


The name of the LORD is a strong tower:Yahweh revealed
the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.     ~ Proverbs 18:10 (KJV) 


Soon you will realize that THE NAME [YHWH] is a Story all by itself. It is a picture that tells a precise and undeniable True Story. What was a mystery, is now a revelation.

  • A mystery is something hidden.
  • A revelation is something revealed.
Now God’s Name has be revealed. That revelation is just waiting to be imparted to anyone willing to SEE IT.

The Story imbedded in God’s Name is Marvelous, and what story is more worthy of our full attention? Therefore I request that you pay careful attention from here to the end of this presentation, because:

  1. If you truly discover His Name, you will discover His Mission.
  2. If you truly discover His Mission, they you will truly discover His Love.
  3. And if you truly discover His Love, you will be forever changed
  4. As you BEHOLD THE HAND and BEHOLD THE NAIL, while realizing the cost He paid for your Salvation.
  5. Because you could never have never afforded the cost to pay for your Salvation…
He paid the price for your forgiveness, because He knew you couldn’t pay it. He gave up every thing, every comfort, every glory, every honor, (all his riches and his nobility) not to mention every drop of blood. HE suffered an agonizing death, so you wouldn’t have to and would not have helped you … And that whole story is imbedded in His Name, in only 4 Letters (characters/pictographs) that make up His Name.
And worst of all he suffered an agonizing separation from his father as he took on the wrath of God for all the sins of all mankind the eternal punishment we deserved was placed on his back, very fierce and extreme wrath of God, the first time he’s ever been separated from his father ever throughout all eternity. That is the perfect truth and reality about sin, is that our transgressions caused us to be separated from God. That is why Adam and Eve how to leave the garden of Eden, because their sins forced them to be separated from the God created them. And in perfect picture perfect form he carried it on his back the burden of our sin to the top of Mount Zion, also called Golgotha–the place of the skull, Calvary, Mount Moriah–the Mountain of Vision, where 2000 years previously Abraham offered his own son, Isaac, the son of God’s covenant promise with Abraham, upon the altar of God.

The name of God is an incredible discovery to anyone with the eyes to see, and a heart to perceive. As noted, it has the power to change the way a man sees, the way he thinks, the way a man believes, and the way a man lives–in just one revelation of His Name. But before we get to the actual name of God, let’s learn just a couple basics about the Hebrew language, so that we can better understand the name of God from a Hebrew mindset, and honor the name of God from the Hebrew perspective in which it is written.

The Source of Our Alphabet

The ancient Hebrew language was originally a visual or pictograph language, like ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, and Chinese characters, yet much simpler—and much more versatile. The Hebrew Aleph-Beth (alpha-bet), contained 22 pictures. Each Letter 1) a word in itself with its own individual name and meaning, 2) it was also a picture, and as you know one picture is worth 1000 words, 3)  it also as had its own sound and breath; 4) and finally each picture letter had its own numerical value, and therefore acted as a number. As a result the combination of all four qualities of each letter could produce a profound depth and breadth of meaning and insight. The first letter “A” in Hebrew is also a Word, “Aleph.” It is the picture of an Ox (head) = א (See Table Below). It is the first letter, so it also represents the number 1. The meaning of the Ox head character is simple: A Strong Leader, The Head, The First. It only takes one look for all the meaning behind the letter to come to life. It is memorable. It is inescapable. Try to forget it and it just comes back to you clear as day. The ox, is a strong leader. It is the head. It is first. What could be clearer or simpler? The second letter in the Hebrew alphabet is “B” or “Beth” (as in Bethlehem = the House of Bread). This letter/word is a picture of a Home = ב (See table below), or rather the floor plan of a tent which clearly represents a Hebrew home. This makes perfect sense because the original Hebrew tribes were shepherds taking care of sheep and goats, and cattle (oxen).   The first letter, “Aleph,” the picture of an Ox = א: Is the first letter a child will learn when beginning his childhood education, Learning how to read and write. The second letter Beth is commonly the second letter you will learn in Hebrew alphabet.

Commonly, “AB” is the first word you learn in Hebrew is:  ב א (See Table above). And it consists of the first two letters in the Hebrew alphabet.

Can you guess the meaning of Aleph—Beth?

What or Who would be the #1, Strong Leader of the Home?         

Now let’s apply our new Hebrew understanding of the Hebrew alphabet to:

Just another reminder exactly what God says the name of God is:

  • Proverbs 18:10 THE NAME OF THE LORD [YHWH] is a strong tower; the righteous man [or woman] runs into it and is safe.
  • Isaiah 41:10  Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I AM YOUR GOD; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with MY RIGHTEOUS RIGHT HAND.



I hope you have benefited somewhat from this presentation. If you have read the 30 day challenge already this will be a refresher course with some added detail. I pray that you will be personally benefited and spiritually encouraged as you progress in your journey to know the name of God. And discover his mysteries and his revelation. Shalom, Brother Thomas


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