The Three-Self Church

The Three Self Church in China

At that time we didn’t know anything about the Three-Self Patriotic Church that the government was forming. “Three-Self” stood for the movement’s three guiding principles: Self-Propagating, Self-Supporting, and Self-Governing. Most Christians considered it a good thing, and rejoiced that a new day appeared to be dawning when believers could worship freely without interference or persecution…From that day on [since the Three-Self Church meeting] I clearly understood that the kingdom of God can never mix with politics. The ultimate, stated aim of Marxist teaching is the complete eradication of all religion. The pure bride of Christ can never be controlled by an atheistic government or led by men who hate God!…We knew the government had only created the Three-Self Patriotic Movement, and allowed “open, legal” churches in a bid to control Christians and to promote their own political agenda inside the churches (Yun 50-54).

The Three Self Church has many restrictions and is controlled by the Chinese Communist Government. The Government tries to twist and thwart the truth and faith of Christianity. Many of the laws they enforce upon the church are completely unbiblical. This is sad to see lies being taught to those who want to be Christians in China, and think that the Three Self Church is the answer. Unluckily, the Three Self Church knocks down the main points of Christianity, besides the fact that Jesus died for our sins. It also takes away the Christians’ freedoms. Here are some of the rules of the Three Self Church:

  • The Communist Party controls the Three-Self Church
  • The Communist Party decides how many people are baptized each year
  • The Communist Party decides on what is preached
  • Preaching about the resurrection and the second coming of Jesus is forbidden
  • Preaching against religions that believe Jesus was not God is forbidden
  • Preaching against abortion is forbidden
  • Gathering to worship outside of the Three-Self Church is forbidden
  • Evangelizing is forbidden
  • Printing and accepting imported Bibles is forbidden
  • Government officials cannot be Christians
  • Teachers cannot be Christians
  • Soldiers cannot be Christians
  • Teenagers and children cannot be Christians

(“Three Self Church”).

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