The Unsolved Mystery

For many, this concept that God exists, is still an unsolved mystery (a myth, or an adult fairy tale). Yes?  For the Atheist, that says there definitely is no God, because they have not seen enough evidence to believe in such a myth–I have some sympathy.

There are many reasons, to not want to believe, that God exists. Thankfully, most Atheists do believe if the evidence existed, they would follow it to its logical and rational conclusion. Hopefully, compelling evidence will be presented here. May it help some skeptics to decide: Which takes more Faith? To believe man was created by a cosmic accident? or, That man has been fearfully and wonderfully created by the Hand of God?

Both belief systems require a significant amount of faith. So all I ask is that we carefully examine the evidence, weigh the alternatives, and not jump to any premature conclusions (which is what most people do, self included). Then … Let’s simply follow the evidence to its logical conclusion.

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