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He believed in equal access to education: whether one was male, female, black or white. He was in this sense an abolitionist, and in His Church he barred slave traders or slave owners from taking communion among the saints.

He was trained as a lawyer and had a keen mind able to decipher the law of men and the law of God and explain the consequences of legally refusing to walk in God’s Law. He was a clear thinker and was able to quickly dismantle many faults arguments, false doctrines, false theologies, and false church practices in his day. For his bold approach in ministry he was greatly criticized at different times. Finney was humble, but he was not a man pleaser. He was deeply dedicated to the spirit of God and the work of God.

He was bold and spoke the truth, no matter whom was cut by it.

He was an evangelist, pastor, teacher, who strongly influenced the Second Great Awakening, the Second most consequential Revival in American History, and which spread to Europe and Asia.Below is the autobiography or memoirs of Charles Finney in a condensed form in an audio version:

If you want to jump right into the story and see what God was doing and the revivals start with chapter 5. [Revivals at Antwerp, ”Sodom,” Gouverneur, and Dekalb] This is a pretty exciting and an enlightening work of God happening amongst common people.

The Life of Charles G. Finney

Aaron Merritt Hills (1848 – 1935)

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Dedication and Preface Larry Wilson 00:02:53
Play 01 Sent of God Erik Samborski 00:13:30
Play 02 His Conversion Erik Samborski 00:14:45
Play 03 Studying Theology Erik Samborski 00:23:33
Play 04 Beginning His Ministry Erik Samborski 00:18:29
Play 05 Revivals at Antwerp, ”Sodom,” Gouverneur, and Dekalb Erik Samborski 00:20:48
Play 06 Revivals at Wester, Rome, Utica, Auburn, Troy and New Lebanon Erik Samborski 00:19:31
Play 07 Ministerial Opposition and the New Lebanon Convention Colleen McMahon 00:21:02
Play 08 Revivals at Stephentown, Wilmington, Philadelphia and Reading 1827-1830 djwhitney 00:25:34
Play 09 Revivals in Columbia, New York City, Rochester, Auborn, Buffalo, Providence and Boston 1830-1832 djwhitney 00:30:52
Play 10 Labors in New York City, 1832-1835–Trip to Italy–Revival Lectures–Oberlin djwhitney 00:23:28
Play 11 Early Labors in Oberlin PhyllisV 00:26:31
Play 12 Revivals in Boston–Providence–Rochester, and Again in Boston, 1842-1844–Renewed Baptism with the Holy Ghost–Loss of His Wife Michele Eaton 00:32:43
Play 13 First Visit to England–Revivals in Hartford, Western, Syracuse, and Rochester PhyllisV 00:27:17
Play 14 Revivals in Boston–England–Scotland, and Oberlin–Close of His Life PhyllisV 00:26:41
Play 15 Finney on Preachers and Preaching PhyllisV 00:20:28
Play 16 Finney on Freemasonry PhyllisV 00:26:39
Play 17 The Estimate of Finney Made by Others–Finney as a Theologian Timothy Lucas 00:24:43
Play 18 Finney On Sanctification And Its Results In Oberlin – College History – Closing Pictures Timothy Lucas 00:43:44