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Do You See Him? (Part Three–Day 3)


Have you Ever been Lied to? 
Are you willing to be honest?

Many Lies Exist, Right? That’s No Lie!

Where do ALL Lies Come From?   What Purpose do they serve?  
Why do we believe them so easily?

ALL Core Lies are Directed
and Designed to Harm:

1) Our relationship with God 
2) Our relationships with One Another.

It’s been that way since the very beginning.
Genesis 3:5

History confirms this observation in every generation.
It is observable, repeatable, predictable.
If a person cannot see this,  it is not due
to the lack of a preponderance of evidence.

Have You Ever Believed a Lie?

Ever “believe a lie” that damaged your relationship with someone you loved. Did the lie do irreparable damage to that relationship? Of course that’s a rhetorical question, but the answer is always–YES. Once you have listened to, spoken, or believed a lie, you can never undo what has been done. Trust has been attacked, and the bond of trust has been broken. Once you have broken the seal on a letter, or broken the limb on a tree, or the wing of a bird, you can never un-break it. Once you rip a piece of cloth in two, or rip a human heart in two, you can never unrip it. You can try and stitch it back together, but it will never be the same again. Once you allow a LIE to leave your lips there is no limit to the damage that LIE can do.  Your LIE can carry itself into future generations and continue to poison hearts and minds long past your death. Such is the nature of one single lie.

Ever listen to or believe a lie about God, that damaged your relationship with Him?  Ever listen to unfounded rumors, hearsay, gossip, or angry rants by haters of God? Such men tear down God’s character and mock His Testimony, because they don’t care to understand his nature–Holiness; nor His priority–Righteousness. [They hate both of these.] In fact they make no effort to understand his objectives, nor his priorities, which is entirely understandable, because they immeasurably loathe them. They just want to cast shame, shift blame, multiply lies, and false accusations, not because they have integrity, but because they have a need to justify themselves. Those who must justify themselves, always also have a need to condemn others. It’s the old scenario: put others down, to lift yourself up. And of course men think that God is an easy target–they can say all kinds of blasphemy against him, against his name, and against his testimony, against his people, and against his laws, with impunity. But before claiming victory in this regard, every man should look at history, and see what happened to those who followed in these men’s footsteps of blasphemy before them. I believe you will clearly find out that it did not end well for them. [refer to Benito Mussolini.]

What is wrong with airing your own opinions? I recommend everyone be wary of men who only want to air their own opinions, and have no room  or desire for their opinions to be cross-examined. “The first man to present his case seems right, until another comes to question him.”

What happens when you allow LIES to prosper in Your Presence? 
Doesn’t that make you an accomplice to their crime?  
(Just some food for thought … )

Of course, one may feel strongly about his side of the relationship, all the sacrifices he’s made, etc. But, if you really want to mature and grow, I challenge you to consider God’s side of the Relationship Equation even before you consider your own. Consider all the things He has done. Think about the extent and degree He has gone to repair the damage done, and build a road back to Him. The more your dive into this subject the deeper I predict your respect will increase. Things you never knew. Things that no one else has ever done. Promises kept that no one else has ever, or will ever,  be able to do, undo, or outdo.

The One who clearly gave you Life,  is the same One who is humble and patient with you. Kind and thoughtful. Reserved and waiting for your response.  He is giving each one of us ample time to make our choice. Is He worthy of your devotion? or, Is Evolution Worthy?  Or, is your science teacher worthy? Your religious group or guru? Your psychotherapist? Your own imaginary fantasy world? or, Is Some other story worthy of our devotion. Our time here is short so we mustn’t delay. Soon the window of choice will be closed. Will we believe those who hate Him? Or those who Love Him?  Chances are we will believe, or end up believing what those around us believe. If we choose to hang around haters of God, chances are will become haters of God. If we choose to hang around lovers of God, chances are strong that we will become lovers of God. But there are no guarantees. 

Have you ever told a Lie?  Most people immediately say, “Sure, everybody has.” Now … Why would a person start defending himself, if he didn’t believe or know that he had done something morally wrong? The fact that he is defending himself proves he knows in his gut that he is guilty, that he did something wrong.

Yes, when a person breaks a moral law, they know it. That is because they have a guilty “conscience.” What’s that? That is the voice of God given to every man and woman, deep down inside their soul, to know right from wrong. When we lie, we sin against our own con-science:  

con  =  “with”         science  =  “knowledge”

God gave you the ability to discern right from wrong. You don’t need someone to tell you. Your own gut tells you. When you have done something wrong–You can literally feel it in your gut. The problem begins when you stop listening to your gut, then you can become hard of hearing. 

What happens when we lie or participate (walk in agreement with) the Spirit of Lying? In other words, what happens when we become poisoned by a lie?  We sin. We Break God’s Law. We Act like Adam and Eve and their son Cain. We reject God’s law, God’s Word, and  we rebel against it. We blame God for our mistakes. We tell God to “shove off”, and we even lie directly to His Face (Am I my brother’s Keeper?). We sin against God. And like Cain towards Abel, we sin against others. Then, we make excuses for our sin. Then, we blame others for our sin. [Please Note: there is no sin we do that is not based upon a deep lie.] Finally, we defend our sin and become hardened in it, to the point that we eventually make up our own laws, so that we can freely do what we once knew was wrong, but now “we call it right.”

We sin against ourselves, and we know it, because our conscience tells us so, that is until we sear (burn or scorch) our conscience as with a hot iron. In that day we won’t listen to our conscience any more. That is when we can become like Adolf Hitler or Benito Mussolini, like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Polpot or one of their buddies who literally murdered millions of their own people. They were the greatest murderers in the History of the World all believing in their Modern Religion of Science and Evolution, breaking themselves completely free from the Moral Code of God, and they will all pay a heavy price for such a great crime. They justified their unspeakable evil, because they had all burned their conscience upon the hot iron of “evolutionary theory” that gave them the right to make new laws, that teach us that men are animals, (they sure are when the depart from the Law of God–that is a self-fulfilling prophecy). And they all proved it 100% true, even though it was a pure lie. Then, they teach that the end goal of life is the survival of the fittest, and the strongest (aka the most ruthless, brutal, and unconscionable) survive, and the weak perish (the honest, true, noble, caring, and compassionate). In other words, The Strong (who have no morals) rule, conquer and devour the Weak. Right?

Is not this what has happened in WW1, WW2, Vietnam, and every evil war between men of corrupt minds who would rather kill each other than learn how to meet each others needs, and bring the Life and Truth of God to One Another. As God has commanded us to do? Those who live by God’s morality: belief in God, in mercy, in honesty, in honor, and in justice–but they become food for the devils and the men who follow them–who devour the righteous as men eat bread–who live by no moral code. Isn’t that the testimony and pattern of World History throughout the ages, consistently, predictably, repeatedly, ever since Cain killed Abel, his very own brother who loved him, and did nothing whatsoever against him. Isn’t that what we did to Vietnam, killing innocent men, women, children, that had never done anything wrong to any American soldier, pilot, general, or army cook?  We used Napalm to burn up whole villages against people who never did anything to us. Isn’t that exactly, what the world looks like without God leading men into His Generous and Humble Nature? And every time we Eliminate God, and His Word from the Education of our Youth, we create a world of Hell on Earth–just picture any Warzone and tell me what you see:  if you don’t see Hell on earth what do you see? So finally our super superior and sophisticated academics, scientists, and politicians, and military brass fulfill the doctrines of “the evolutionists” by cutting every tie with God, and they do everything they can possibly do to discredit and mock His Word, they teach us that the end justifies the means and of course they lie throughout their careers saying, God is Dead, and we killed Him. This is the very kind of lawlessness that produced the evil in the Days of Noah, and the wickedness in Days of Sodom and Gomorrah, and we know and can testify that it is as alive today as it ever was back then. That is if we ever choose to be honest and truthful.

Do you know the Biggest Lie ever told?

It’s in Genesis 3:5, but it starts with Genesis 3:1,” Did God really say?” You should read it carefully, and regularly, and you should read it from a Hebrew mindset to get the full impact of what is being shared here. It is the source of every problem you have ever experienced in your life.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know why you suffer so much pain and so much heartache?

The serpent said, you would not die for disobeying and turning your back on God, and leaving His presence, but that you would become like God, knowing good and evil. In other words, the serpent said man would become independent from God, and not need God. Unfortunately, men have been dying ever since. And We need God more today than ever before, but instead men have replaced the knowledge of God with the knowledge of man. They have replaced the heavenly generous wisdom of eternity, with the fallen, broken foolishness of temporary selfishness.  Man has sold the Truth and bought the Lie. In place of Truth and Righteousness, he has received the lifestyle of greed, temptation, seduction, and all the evils of selfishness that comes with it. And Yes. This is observable, repeatable, and predictable–in every generation since the first lie was told.  And any man could freely testify to this Fact if he were willing to be honest and true to himself and the people around him.

The Truth is: We were ALL designed to be ONE BIG BLESSED FAMILY. God designed us to be brothers and sisters for All Eternity. When we truly live in such a paradigm our lives ALL Work Together for Good. This is the Hebrew Paradigm of Life. We all have the same red blood flowing in our veins. We all come from the same roots, the same stock, the same two People: Adam and Eve, who came from God, created us in His Image.

For the record: Adam and Eve, didn’t come from a Big Bang, to a Big Rock, to a Big Pot of Stew, full of Gooh and Pooh, that made a Zoo–as many college and grade (or grad) school professors (zookeepers) teach. No! Nothing in science confirms this (Zero evidence actually–it is pure speculation based on a thoroughly disproven theory), and everything in true science contradicts and condemns this as a false and foolish fairy tale for adults. (If anyone today still believes the lie that Macro Evolution is true: Can you please answer me this question? Did a rock, a worm, or an amoeba write your incredibly complex DNA code that is more complicated than any computer program ever written? And how did the Rock or Amoeba then pack, 6 feet of two pairs of 3.2 million bits of code into your Suitcase? No. Your Shaving Kit? No. But into a space way smaller than 1/50th of a grain of salt. How did they pack it into your nucleus? By accident, you say??? Really? And you believe this by faith in a man’s theory? So you have a blind faith which flies in the face of all common sense and God’s Testimony?

What takes greater faith? That an amoeba, or a stew of gooh, created butterflies, catfish, whales, humming birds, tomatoes, pineapples, mangoes, lions, tigers, bears, giraffes, and men? Or that a God created man in His own image? And that He created  animals, birds and sea creatures to be his companions in this world, and plants for beauty, food, and healing, for all living things? (Not to mention the air we breath.) It would take a miracle to convince that a man evolved from an amoeba, with no evidence, no intermediary links, no common sense (languages don’t write themselves), no proof whatsoever. I would need some incredible faith to believe in the testimony of scientists, who are men, and well known liars, frauds, who work for a system full of fallible men, that lie for a living. I need to have to believe such in an incredulous adult fairy tale as the theory of evolution? I will have to say that I am truly Sorry, but nothing in science proves that billions of years creates language? In order to have an intelligent code you must have someone able to write intelligent code. In order to use an intelligent code, you must have someone able to read intelligent code. You actually need both at the same time, or else the code is worthless.  Code doesn’t happen by accident. No Book has ever written itself. And no serious scientist will ever claim it has. Could it have happened by accident? Yes. There is a 1 x 10 to the 164th chance or statistical probability. (That’s a big number). There are only 10 to the 80th power of particles in the whole observable Universe (including all elementary particles: neutrons, protons, and electrons, the building blocks of matter). That’s a pretty tough bet to win, even with billions of years. I recommend you place your bet on something more substantial than evolution. BTW, there are not enough seconds of time since the Big Bang to allow half of the chances to take place–and that is to simply create the possible proteins necessary for the building blocks of life to begin.

If you want to believe a lie, and tell others to believe a liethat’s on you! How long do you want that lie to run in your veins and poison your brain—that is up to you, but I would recommend you wash it all out immediately, and scrub your intelligence cells completely clean from that particularly nasty mental virus–it does nothing but sicken your soul–just ask Adolf Hitler and all his Nazis buddies on trial at Nuremberg, who were faithfully following their racist doctrines based on their Materialistic Evolutionary Religion and Faith.)

Now,  just for the record, let me testify before you, and before God, and before His Heavenly Throne, and before every court of man who is willing to hear this Testimony … This, I say is “The Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, So help me God!”             <<HERE GOES:>>

We were created by the most excellent, and the most intelligent, Being ever known (your DNA proves this “in spades”). He created visible and invisible realities: life support systems beyond the comprehension of any man, laws that govern every proton, neutron, electron, atom, and molecule, on earth, and in space, in time, and in all matter. His eternal laws govern all POWER, all energy, all authority. ALL Creation is attuned to obey His Voice (except man). “Even the wind and the waves obey Him!” Only he alone knows the internal DNA code of every single plant, fish, and animal. Maybe that is why he could feed 5000 men, with only 5 loaves and two fish. He knows not only the man’s physical DNA but also his spiritual. That is why he could raise Lazarus from the dead, and open the eyes of a man born blind (without eye balls), and heal a leper in an instant. He could change the molecular structures of people and things all around him, and could cure all diseases by the authority of His word, the Word of the Creator God, who spoke the universe into existence, and cast out demons living inside of people for decades with a word. He restored withered and deformed limbs, making the lame walk. He made the deaf hear, the blind see, the mute speak, the sick became well, and the poor became rich in Faith in His Kingdom. He created human languages, and separated peoples by language, by territories, by times and seasons, for purposes for which only He knows and understands. He created languages, and governments, and scientific principles and laws far beyond our own intelligence and ability to comprehend. He taught light how to function, gravity how to work, and magnetism, and radiation, where to increase and where to decrease. He set the speed of the planets, and the course of the Stars. He knows more about the human body than any doctor, and more about the Galaxies than any astronomer, and more about History than any archeologist, or human historian. This greatly offends many doctors and scientists who like to claim and falsely believe the fantasy that they know so much, even more than God himself. What they really need is the wisdom of an infant.

We all have the same promise. This life is short.  The life to come is long. Therefore, Make Every Effort to Enter into Eternal Life!

This life is filled with pain and sorrow. Why? Due to sin and selfishness, on a individual level, and on a global scale. This is observable, repeatable, and predictable–it perfectly agrees with our routine daily observations. To deny this is ignorance. When we choose to deny God’s Word, and replace it with man’s testimony, we separate ourselves from God and His Word, His Kingdom, His Truth, His Holiness, His Purity, His Power, and His Authority. This sets us up for failures innumerable in this life. Failure with God and failure with others. (BTW–Our problems are not psychological, they are moral and ethical, once we get that right, the whole world can begin to work right and become healthy.) No humanistic psychology or psychiatry, can ever restore the soul of man and reunite Him to God. Until we fix our immoral and unethical problems, and remove the reasons why we hate God and disobey His Word and His Authority, no amount of psychobabble, behavioral analysis, or chemicals for the brain will fix a person’s problems root problem between Him and God. (but it will provide a thick income to the therapist.) Using psychology to heal the human heart is like using a band-aid to stop the hemorrhaging of severed leg from terrorist suicide bombing. 

The Life to come is promised to be filled with joy and gladness: no more wars, no more pain, no more sickness, no more mental illness, no more sorrow, no more debt (nor mortgages, nor stock market crashes), no more death, and no more dying, guaranteed by the Author of Life and DNA. This will result in an entire human family living in harmony with one another and with God. Why? Because all lies will have been removed. Men will live in Glory without sin and selfishness. You can actually experience a foretaste of this promise now. You can enjoy the downpayment of this promise even now in this life. The promises of the Life to Come are real, observable, and predictable in a small scale. When your Light comes on, that  light will fill your whole house. But that is getting ahead of this story. We’ll get to that later ...

NOW … if you  believe the “story” that man is “essentially good,” I respectfully request that you reconsider that belief, and seriously question Where does that story comes from?, and What is its purpose?  First, I believe you will find that the facts do not support the belief. The more you look squarely at the facts, the more you will see error of this belief.  Remember, every lie is designed to harm your relationship with God and with men. That’s your first clue. This lie sets you up for Failure with God, which sets you up for failure with men. God can set you free from every lie that has been perpetrated against you and Him, but before that can happen you will need to let go of a few lies, that haven been designed to destroy your true and perfect, right and good, heavenly, powerful, loving, and overcoming relationship with God–which has been purchased for you at great expense to himself. Please see>>> The Name of God Story, and the Challenge that comes with it.


Troubled? Hurting? Scared?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE … The other night I couldn’t sleep, attacked by a sense of failure … discouragement …  anxiety… depression … aching in pain … But I was not left alone. (continued)