Can you imagine it?

If God Wrote a Book, what would it be like?

What message would it contain? What system of verification and authentication would it use? How would it be preserved so that it could be read by everyone in the world? Where would its message begin? Where would its message end?

What would the message tell me about myself? My family? My history? Would it tell me about justice? About truth? About rewards for doing good? About punishments for doing evil?

Would it tell me where evil comes from? Would it explain why people consistently choose evil over Good?

Would explain to me why people suffer?


Would it tell me the source of all lies?

Would God’s book teach me how to receive forgiveness?

Would it accurately record history?


Would it be attacked by those who hate God?


What kind of people would read God’s book?

What kind of people would God choose to record his message to his people?


An excerpt from:

No Other Record on earth has this caliber of carefully preserved, detailed information—an

unbroken genealogy that has not changed for 1,000’s of Years—from the First Man to commonly authenticated and accepted Recorded History. Nothing compares to this Text or even comes close. This is something one should expect if it was written under the direction of God.

It includes scientific facts. It accurately predicts the future. It records events that are common to all nations. The Flood story alone is a universal Record preserved by hundreds of diverse ethnic groups across the globe. There are both internal and external records from archaeology and geology that verify the accuracy of this record, and support its premise and thesis. This record has stood the test of time, even though its Message has been attacked in every generation from the beginning.

This document stands alone in the annuls of time proclaiming the story of the first man to be born, and extending the continued unbroken family story into our modern time of written history.

The deeper you dig into the evidence with an open and unbiased mind, the clearer the evidence becomes.
May Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Adam and Eve, Enoch, and all who long for His Kingdom to be established Here on Earth—May He bless your Wisdom and Understanding as you Seek to Know and Follow Him.


I don’t have time to properly address all these questions at the moment in this post. But I will say many of these questions are addressed and answered throughout this Website. Please feel free to offer suggestions to include in this post.


Brother Thomas

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