Is God’s Perspective
Higher than Man’s?

This is no easy way to answer this question.
To truly know for oneself, one must do one’s own personal, full,
deep, pervasive investigation, and exploration of the subject.


Cherry picking a couple verses out of the Bible, misinterpreting the whole narrative, the whole purpose, the whole reason and meaning of a text, is what liars are really good at. A good liar can make a text say anything he wants it to say, if he puts enough spin on it. And this is common among scholars, professors, and supposed experts. How much more so will it be acceptable among the peons in the population of the people. False teachers are truly skilled at pulling a text out of its context, and then creating a straw man, and then attacking the straw man he just created, but this is not worthy and noble research. And it will not produce the fruits of Learning from God’s Perspective.


But this seems to represent the vast majority of human criticism against the Testimony of God. May this majority blindness, and herd instinctual criticism, and its attitude and mindless approach–not poison your own personal research, and intimate examination of the details of God, as well as, the Big Picture of God’s Plan, Purpose, Power, and Production. What He is intending to build and bless through the working of His Word in the Heart and Mind of Every Follower of His Will and His Ways.


but this is the depth and expanse of most Biblical Criticism. It is filled with prejudice, bias, false comparisons, false analogies, and false interpretation, and a complete misunderstanding of the time and place of the scriptural doctrines, and why they are what they are, and how vital they are to the very 

If not: How could it be God’s Perspective?


Yet this is the very reason so many attack God’s Word, because it is purely coming from God’s Perspective.


That can and likely will be a sign to them that the source of your message is coming from God and not man.