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When Adam and Eve both gave into the temptation to listen to and obey the counsel of the Serpent, 
to heed his words, and follow his appoint pathway of rebellion to God …

Direct enemy attack. The plan, purpose, and result.

How did Satan become the ruler of the world?
How could Satan offer the kingdoms of the earth to Jesus in the temptation?
How does this apply to me today?


  1. Satan attacked the Word of God.
  2. Satan caused Eve to doubt God’s word.
  3. Satan accused God’s character.
  4. Satan appealed to Eves covetousness.
  5. Satan caused Eve to fall into the same temptation that he fell into.
  6. Satan knew that God had given Adam any eve complete control over all the worlds business. And that God had designed it, so that Adam and Eve would obey him in all things and be his servants on the earth.
  7. Satan knew that if Adam and Eve would obey him rather than God that he would become the new Lord and ruler, and possessor of the world.