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When Adam and Eve both gave into the temptation to listen to and obey the counsel of the Serpent, 
to heed his words, and follow his appoint pathway of rebellion to God …

What happens when you lose the Commandments of God?

What do your really lose?
Why do you lose it?
Can what is lost be recovered?
How does it apply to me today?


I when you lose God’s commandments, you lose the kingdom of God, you lose relationship with God, do you lose your righteousness, the foundation for heavenly relationships.

When you lose the commandments of God, you lose all the promises of God, all the blessings of God, all the miraculous provision of God, and all the heavenly protection.

When you lose the commandments of God you open yourself up to all the curses of God. You gain all the judgments of God. You inherit all the punishments of God.

And it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. His justice is unbiased. All people who commit the same crime receive the same punishment. And there is no leniency, no back door, no bribery. There is only the fearful judgment and the dreaded punishment.




Many people may think, so Adam and Eve, ate an apple what’s the big deal. Just give them a spanking and get on with life. That viewpoint betrays the ignorance of the problem.

  1. The Laws of God are permanent and universal, all living beings and creatures are subject to their authority.