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The Blood Covenant of God


The Fall of Mankind

(Pick One)




“The Blood Covenant” or “The Fall” 


Why “Pick One”?

Everything about my Life and yours boils down to Choice.

We have to choose: The Friends we make; The goals we set; The effort we invest into our Lives, our Families, our Friends, our Work, our Faith, our Community … Everything is a choice. Everything we think, say, and do boils down to a choice.

What we choose will affect us, both in the short term, and the long term. And nothing could be more true concerning the Long Term, than when we choose to accept  the Counsel of God, the Reasonings of God, the Laws of God, the Nature of God, the Ways and Character of God, If we choose to reject God’s Testimony about God, and replace it with Man’s Testimony about God–that is a choice, and it carries with it long term consequences. This choice may make us popular with men, but it will definitely make us unpopular with God, which will have far reaching affects on our lives.

Either way, “the choice” is a risky business, and such a choice should not be made lightly. Choose one way, and you will likely lose lots of earthly friends, but eventually you will gain many heavenly more. Choose the other way and you will gain lots of earthly friends, but you will lose, (in my opinion) your potentially most valuable, noteworthy, reliable and permanent  heavenly friends: That is if you reject God’s Testimony. Which is what the majority in modern culture do. And have been doing for 60 centuries, day in and day out.
            There are many ways to reject God’s Testimony. The easiest and quickest is refuse to listen to His Word. The second is to deny He even exists. The third is to attack His Word with many scientific, historic, archeological, or philosophical arguments. The fourth way, is to just say you believe, but be completely negligent about what your believe or just pretend you believe. A fifth way is to become a “fifth column” an enemy infiltrator of the church. Use religion and the church to make money, become famous, sell books, corrupt the church, harm the people, inflict damage on the leadership, be a pedophile, go on speaking tours, raise money for orphans, become a pope, cardinal, bishop for the power, but never really serve Christ, never really repent of your sins, never really prepare yourself for the Judgement to Come. 

As a result our choices: each one of us will enjoy the consequences of our decisions, both short term and long term consequences. 

The Purpose of this Book, The Blood Covenant of God, is to lay out in the broad open spaces, what some of those eternal consequences will be both in this life and in the one to come.

I realize, some people have already decided that this life is all there is, that there is no life after this. And I am very grateful for anyone in that group who might be reading this presentation here. You are very welcome here. That is one of the beautiful things about God. We don’t have to hide who we are. He already knows. So being open about our skepticism, is healthy, and valuable. In many ways, being skeptical is a bonus, because it is the true skeptic that will usually dig a little deeper to discover the truth about a matter, than the average person who just accepts and follows the crowd.

I hope, beyond hope, to influence the “No AfterLife” mindset, and to address the foundations upon which that mindset has been formed.

“Don’t you know … every thought has a source.” Every belief and every idea has a source, it came from somewhere. Knowing the source of your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, attitudes, and default behaviors, is something most valuable to the man and woman seeking wisdom, but to the the fool it is inconsequential. 

It is my sincere hope that both Friends and Family, and others, will give this subject its due weight of concern and weigh it against what others have proclaimed and affirmed.


In a lawsuit the first person speak seems right,
until another comes forward, questions, weighs, and examines what he has said. 
~ Proverbs 18:17


The Blood Covenant of God

Mark this down: This is a Groundbreaking, and exciting Study.

Very soon, according to God’s Calendar the Skies are going to be split open, and the Heavens are going to roll back, like a scroll, and the King of Heaven will appear, and every eye will See, and even those who pierced Him.

On that day, we will all be rewarded for the Lives we have lived. The deeds we have done. The words we have spoken. The people we have cherished, nurtured, promoted, supported, and assisted, and we will suffer loss, for every work we were called to do, but left undone.


This is the Testimony we are going to examine. But … we are going to begin at the beginning, The Skies being rolled back is close to the Ending of the Story. But when we keep this in mind, the End from the Beginning the Whole Story becomes one exciting journey from first to last.

If we understand the Blood Covenant of God, and the Intimate Nature that God has called us into with Himself through the Relationship established on the Blood of Jesus, the sacrifice He made for us, that we could never deserve or earn … If we have understood that, then we might be able to understand, the Our pouring of His Holy Spirit upon all who would receive Him. And then, we might be able to do all the Work He has given us to do: for instance, tearing down the Strongholds of the Enemy, building up the people of God, delivering those who are slaves to sin and darkness, opening the Gates of Hell and letting the Captives Go Free, walking in the Footsteps of Jesus, walking in the same authority, same power, same Spirit of Blessing and Obedience

All that is what is at stake regarding our understanding and ability to apply the Blood Covenant of God Relationship to our very own lives.

If this is something that is if of interest to you, you have come to the right place.

Next we wil shortly examine the Fall of Mankind and its impact on our lives.

Then the Preparation for the Emmaus Road.

Coming up we will dive into the story of Cleopas and his buddy, on their Road to Emmaus experience. If you are ready to go forward, please go to the next chapter, or skip to the chapter that most interests you.






 Follow peace with all men, and holiness,
without which no man shall see the Lord:
Hebrews 12:14 (KJV)


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