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The Blood Covenant of God


The Fall of Mankind

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The Fall of Mankind


The Fall of Mankind is a big deal.

The Fall of Mankind is real.

Mark this down: If mankind would just simply obey the second most important commandment of God, all evil would instantly be removed from the Earth. As a result, all mankind would do right by his neighbor, and there could be harmony worldwide.

Yet, try and do this without loving God first. It ain’t gonna happen. The ability to carry out the second commandment comes from the dedication and generous ability given to those who will follow the first commandment. The Source and Power to Love and Keep God’s Commandments comes directly from Him. Without Him, it would be impossible to listen to, hear, obey, or even care about his commandments.

Jesus made the equation so simple even a child can understand it.

John 15:5 (KJV)
I am the vine, ye are the branches:
He that abideth in me, and I in him,
the same bringeth forth much fruit:
for without me ye can do nothing.


A branch not connected to, nor abiding in the vine, could never reproduce the Fruit of the Vine. That’s a given. Now, if we don’t abide in Him, we simply cannot bear His Fruit. The Eternal Fruit that He has commanded us to reproduce, to prove that we are truly his disciples (his diligent, and disciplined students), because we actually truly do love Him with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength. That is a recipe for success and our Heavenly Fruit is just waiting to be born.

God’s solution to the Fall of Mankind problem is simple: Just Abide in Him. By doing so, you will perfectly fulfill both the first and second commandments of God.

Yet, how often is God’s perfect solution presented in our courts of law, our bastions of Higher Education, our preschools, middle schools, high schools, where the wisdom of the hour is to pass out condoms, and schedule many abortions, give out abortion pills, (killing millions of babies worldwide) and raise government funding for free STD tests, drugs, prescriptions, and the like. Or pay pregnant women to stay home and live off the government, getting free food, free rent, free medical and dental, etc. Every one of these products of modern Education and Political Action are recipes for disaster, destruction, death, and they all promote violent evil to progress.

This subject, The Fall of Mankind, is conspicuously missing, or drastically misrepresented, in every anti-God institution (anti-God: governments, schools and universities, media outlets, businesses, music and movie industries). These anti-God institutions spreads their anti-God agenda around the globe. Many of these gurus, pundits, liars, con-artists, and self proclaimed scientific experts declare “there is really nothing essentially wrong with mankind,” besides maybe a chemical imbalance here or there, thereby justifying and liberating our sinful nature.
          On the backside: they say there is everything wrong with God, His Word and His Law, His Creation, His Nature, His Character, His Science, and His Judgements. They teach in the highest halls of academia that Man basically made himself, that he evolved from a rock, for which zero scientific backing exists, not one shred of truth in the whole lie. 

The fact that rapists and bullies exist, suicides and incest exists, pedophiles and thieves, serial murderers and sexually confused abominable individuals, hit men, hormone imbalanced insane demon possessed cannibals exist, abortionists exist, lying, cheating, nuclear weapons, exist, global warming, the planned starvation of millions, CRT, extortions, mass executions, sex slavery, gangs, pimps, wars–all of this–Is not due to The Fall of Mankind away from a Holy God. No. It’s just a normal part of man’s evolution. 

The fact that the predominance of evil from kindergarten to the highest level universities in the land have chosen to foster the evil animal instinct, as a normal part of man’s animal nature–should prove that man is no closer to solving the problem caused by the Fall of Mankind, than he ever was.

The very institutions that train our children right from wrong, are not able to tell male from female. This should be a clear sign that our country and our world is quickly falling away from grace, from truth, from justice, from liberty, and is inserting sin, and wickedness to take its place. “The Powers that Be” are eroding the foundations that would protect the innocent, and would convict the guilty. All the while they attack God’s Word, mock and assail His Law, and His Judgment. They denigrate and pervert the Gospel, especially concerning the Fall of Mankind. God loves everybody and there is no need to repent of your sins, because everybody is doing it.

It is insidious, that all these so called “good” human institutions have rejected God’s Heavenly Nature, and God’s Heavenly cure for all the evil in the world. 

As mentioned previously, we have a choice to make. Listen to men, or listen to God. Serve man and obey the flesh, or Serve God and Obey the Spirit.

Please Note: The Fall of Mankind has already been solved. It was solved even before the foundations of the Earth were put into place.


Revelation 13:8 (KJV)
And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him [the Anti-Christ],*
whose names are not written in the book of life
of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.


          * … The One World Anti-Christ Government is coming to city near you. Soon the One World Globalist Ruler will take over all the governments of the world. Why? Because the leaders of each worldly government will have destroyed any goodness, or truth or freedom based on God’s Word in their countries. They will have promoted every sin, wickedness, evil, sexual perversion, drug perversion, so that our social stability, and our economic independence and security will have been destroyed, famines, and wars, and Stockmarket crashes will wipe out each man’s ability to take care of his own family. The world will be in chaos, rioting, pillaging, raping, and the like. Living like the animals that they were trained to be.
          And the People of the World will worship this new One World Leader. He will come with signs, and wonders, and will quickly clean up the chaos, for a short season. Then He will unleash the Devil on the planet like never before. Those whose names are not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, will buy every lie (hook, line, and sinker) that this Anti-Christ leader promotes. A Spirit of Deep Deception will overcome them and they will hate God, and love their Anti-Christ Leader. He will rule for seven years. Three and a half years will produce a relative peace. Then for three and a half years it will be Hell on Earth, like never before, because Satan will somehow indwell the World Leader and possess his soul. 

Thankfully, Jesus has already solved the solution to the above problem as well. Jesus will come in the Power of His Kingdom with His Mighty Angels and overthrow the Anti-Christ and slay him with the word of his mouth. He will cast the false prophet and the anti-christ beast into the bottomless pit, and he will chain the Dragon, Satan for a thousand years. That’s the scoop. Clear and Simple. Until the millennial reign is complete, but that’s another story.


Some food for thought:

It is interesting to note: Men who want to be experts and proclaim science as their source of wisdom, prove in every generation to be wrong and totally deceived by their own theories and false personal revelations (and yet men celebrate these false imaginations for centuries, like Darwin’s disproven Theory), that they so greatly boast about. If you don’t believe Darwin’s theory has been completely debunked please answer the impossible question, What are the odds? See : here.

Thus proving they do not know:  (a)  Where they came from? nor (b), Who are they? nor (c), Where are they going?  Such is the reality of deep deception and delusion of those who claim to be experts and teachers in today society, but cannot even answer the basic questions of life.

The Truth be Told the sooner we face the facts that God shares with us from His Trustworthy and Unlimited Perspective, the sooner we can set the record straight, and the sooner we can correct our errors, and the sooner we can ignore the experts that have a hidden agenda for proclaiming their false philosophies.

The Fall of Mankind was the beginning of the problem, and it will also be the end of the problem. 

And God has covered us who will receive him. He will protect us, and our eternal salvation for ever and ever and ever and ever. The solution of God has been with us from the very beginning of time.


” … The Lamb slain from the foundation of the world … “


In your study of the Blood Covenant of God, you will clearly see God’s Perfect Order and God’s Final solution to both the Beginning and the Ending of the Problem facing all of Mankind: That Fall of Mankind away from God. You will see how it has been completely handled by God himself.

The only real problem or question we must deal with is: “Will you or I humble ourselves, admit our own false ways, and accept the Solution of God to our problem, and enter into eternity an infinitely changed person forever and ever and ever and ever?”


As you may be able to see, a lot is riding on the line, especially about the Truth of our Eternity. If we get this right, we will have all eternity to celebrate our victory. If we get this wrong, we will suffer for choosing misinformation from a deceived and confused media that is run by men. (That is my view.)

You may have the other view that God is a figment of man’s imagination. And religion is the reason for all the wars in the World. If you are right, you have nothing to worry about. “Se la Vie.” But if your view is wrong and was cooked up in the libraries of Hell, to steal your infinite and permanent, eternal inheritance in the family of God, then that is something to be concerned about.


One person seems to speak seems right,
until another comes and questions him. 
From ~ Proverbs 18:17


What I recommend is that we look at both views with a sharp mind and a clear conscience, investigating the roots (and/or foundations) of each mindset, philosophy, belief system, and who started them. We should judge their reliability factor. Their historic track record. Their accuracy record. And then compare the two opposing views and what they actually offer, and what they have actually produced as desirable fruit, that we would want for our own lives.  How have others benefitted from their teachings. We should weigh the fruit critically. This is not a time to wish upon a star. We need solid evidence to examine, solid proofs to test.

These should be some big enough reasons to invest a little time into discovering everything we can about the Blood Covenant of God.

This is the topic that has been excluded from your “liberal arts humanistic studies” in every country of the World, and yet it is the foundation for the most important covenant to ever be offered to mankind. Why would someone neglect to learn and neglect to teach this topic to his own family and friends? That is a question we will have to answer at some point in our study.




 Follow peace with all men, and holiness,
without which no man shall see the Lord:
Hebrews 12:14 (KJV)


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