The Testimony of God: Is it Trustworthy?

Every person must choose to to make his own decision about the truth and trustworthiness of the word of God.

But how can people make educated and well informed decisions from deliberately biased sources?

Unfortunately, the media and the educational systems of this world make a bold stand against the Testimony of God.

Below is just a small trickle of information that goes against that tidal wave of misinformation.

One man’s testimony about the testimony of God can affect literally hundreds, thousands, and or millions of people– whether it be right or wrong, Good or bad, honest or deceptive, unbiased or prejudiced. SADLY, SOME OF THE MOST OUTSPOKEN PEOPLE HAVE THE MOST DUBIOUS AGENDAS AND MOTIVATIONS FOR SPEAKING. And sadly more people are willing to believe a lie, faster and quicker than they are willing to examine the truth. That proves the saying true that:

A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth puts on its shoes” is often attributed to Mark Twain.


Thankfully today, men and women and children, can gain access to information quickly, that can refute and disprove a lie, if they want to do their own research.

But sadly, many people prefer to receive a lie that suits their selfish nature, more than the truth that causes them to be uncomfortable for season, but joyful for an eternity. This is due to the pleasure orientation of our selfish nature–preferring unsustainable instant gratification that cares only about oneself, over mature and sustainable long-term pleasure that cares for an entire community.

1/4 of the Bible’s content is prophetic in nature. So obviously the following five examples just barely scratch the surface on this topic, but this is a valuable and pertinent introduction to the subject:

Nowhere in the testimony of God, does God promise his people instant gratification that promotes unsustainable selfish pleasure. But everywhere in his word he promises long term pleasure in the midst of a beautiful, glorious, majestic, and dare I say heavenly loving community.

But everywhere in His Word, God teaches those who will hear, and believe, and repent of their rebellion to Him will be saved and protected from many disasters that He can protect them from, if they would only listen and learn.


Two things we can quickly learn from reading the Word of God. 1) There is a God. 2) I am not Him.


What is man’s best attempt at creating and living out an alternative to loving and living in the testimony of God? And how does man’s best attempt compare to God’s?


This is a longer version of Bible Reliability: