Ask you evolutionary professor:

How did these marvels of ingenuity and design come into Being?

Is it easier to believe a lie you have been told 1,000 times,
or the truth you have never heard?

Chances are if you are an atheist with an evolutionary belief, then you most likely have never heard the information below.

These marvels of Creation are mind bogglingly amazing!


How could people in previous cultures from a multitude of different geographical areas all around the world have known and written about “dinosaurs” when we, as modern men, only know about them from the fossil record? And those cultures didn’t have access to the fossil record such as we do today? If dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago, as the evolutionists adamantly have to teach for their theory to be plausible (nothing like being motivated by a conflict of interest), how come we have discovered preserved blood cells, cartilage, and vital tissues, from dinosaurs that we are told must have been extinct for 65 millions of years? How could those tissues have survived. The Evolutionists are incredibly silent on the subject. Imagine that? It just doesn’t add up.

Most people seem unaware of the fact that, in recent years, scientists have unearthed many dinosaur bones from around the world that are not completely fossilized. Indeed, dinosaur bones with soft, flexible, fibrous tissue still intact should cause evolutionists to seriously question their theory that dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago.

It takes a pretty big man, especially a scientist, to admit, “I was wrong. I had deceived myself, deceived others, and have believed a lie for decades, but now I am willing to admit the truth …”But Guess what? There are some big names in Atheistic Science that are doing just that, in part because of what you are about to hear for yourself.


What takes more faith? To believe these tissues were preserved miraculously over impossible odds for millions of years, or that dinosaurs lived among humans, as the Bible teaches? Do we have “to believe” as evolutionists tell us, (or accuse us of being religiously deceived, uneducated, and unscientific, etc.) against the evidence, that dinosaurs are not any older than human beings, or any other created animal, plant, fish, or bird? The evidence simply doesn’t support the theory (religion) of evolution (a faith based without evidence), or does it? Check out these short videos (roughly 4 to 8 minutes each), and decide for yourself.


Proverbs 18:17 (HCSB) 17 The first to state his case seems right
until another comes and cross-examines him.

A Quote by Hugo DeVries, 1905, an Evolutionist freely admits:

“Natural selection may explain the survival of the fittest,
but it cannot explain the arrival of the fittest …”       [Why?]

“Because natural selection, does not design anything …”

Check out this incredibly unique an immensely creative design and creation:

How does the giraffes circulatory system account for its head being 8 feet above its heart when standing, but then several feet below its heart while taking a drink? While evolution must rely on random mutations and chance processes, the finely-tuned anatomy of the giraffe provides evidence of intelligence–demanding a designer.

Below are some more incredible marvels of creation. The question is: how could they have possibly evolved?

Who is Lying? The creationist? or the evolutionist?
Which theory is ignoring, hiding, and/or distorting the scientific data?
Which is reporting the data most accurately and with the least amount of prejudice bias?
Which theory fits the data Best?


With their six-foot-long, tube-shaped, scaleless bodies, electric eels look like a snake, but are classified as a knifefish. They can produce enough electricity to generate a shock of up to 600 volts—enough to stun a horse. How can these aquatic creatures survive their own defenses? Join Eric Lyons as he reveals the wonderful secrets of this incredible creation.


Imagine if scientists could build a robotic bird weighing less than 1 pound that could fly non-stop 7,000 miles, without the need to stop or recharge its batteries. If possible it would take thousands of hours, millions of dollars, and extremely intelligent scientists to design such a robotic bird, but a real bird already exists with such accomplishments. Join Eric Lyons as he discusses the godwit, a true wonder of creation.




Did you know that a woodpecker can strike a tree up to 20 times per second, with each strike being equivalent to 1,000 times that of gravity? How can these birds do this without being harmed? Join Eric Lyons as he presents a lesson on God’s extraordinary design of the woodpecker.



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