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If a man can admit and own the fact, that He Came from God,
and is somewhere in the process of returning to God;
[either for blessing & favor; or curses & judgment];

Then and only then, can a man be awakened
And stirred up by the revelation of what God
Has done to make that happen.


In order to know who God is
and who you and I are:
We need to have a revelation.


For God, in most cases, is invisible to the natural man.

One reason for His invisibility is for our own protection. Many a man will quote this: “That God is Love” which is true. But God is also Just, Righteous, Pure and Holy, and He cannot abide with a man in SIN. In fact, no man with sin upon him, can come into the full presence of God, and not be destroyed.

In other words, No man in sin is safe in God’s Presence.

In the Old Testament we learn that God is Holy, and that anyone who comes into His Presence in an UNHOLY manner is risking their own lives (see the record of Nadab & Abihu, Leviticus 10:1-20). The people of Israel had to learn this lesson the hard way, over and over again, because of the hardness of their hearts, and the ignorance that comes with the spirit of rebellion, which we all must deal with, if we so desire to come into God’s Holy Presence for Eternity.

GOD taught his people that everyone re-connected to Him, must be covered in the blood of righteous blood covenant sacrifice.

From the very beginning of man’s rebellion and sin against God: God was forced to physically thrust Man out of his presence (or destroy him as God’s nature of Justice demanded), even for man’s own safety. For God knew that His Holiness was in itself dangerous, and It Still Is. And even though God wants to show Mercy and Love, He at the same time cannot disown His own Nature of Holiness and Justice.

Due to that conundrum, God instituted a way to temporarily suspend His Wrathful Nature against Sin (for a season). He has created a way to suspend His compelling Nature to Punish INJUSTICE, so that man could have a second chance, and could possibly (if he complied with God’s Blood Covenant) one day be forgiven for his SINS against his Holy God.

This God ordained institution allowed God to temporarily suspend His Righteous Judgement, and allowed SINNERS the opportunity to hear PLAN OF SALVATION, in order to be changed from their wicked nature, and transformed by God’s Grace, into creatures “meet” (ready) for Salvation– to be saved from the WRATH OF GOD against SIN.

So what did God do? He immediately instituted a temporary “substitutionary” Blood Sacrifice for the Forgiveness of Sin. It began in the garden of Eden, when God clothed two sinful & rebellious people with the skins of animals, thus covering them with a Blood Covenant. The animals themselves died in place of Adam and Eve. That is the very meaning of “propitiation”, or substitutionary death–which was able to temporarily provide an atonement for Sin.


[To read about this blood covenant, directly from God’s Testimony READ: Genesis Chapters 3 (Adam), 4 (Abel), 8 (Noah), 15 (Abraham), 22 (Isaac); Exodus Chapter 12 (Passover),  and that will give you a preview of the Rest of the Blood Covenant, providing a solid unchanging an eternal foundation for your understanding of the Blood Covenant of God, promised to be fulfilled 4000 years from the day of creation.]


God, even though He kicked Adam and Eve out of His Presence, He was showing them the way back to Himself, through the Blood Covenant. The Blood Covenant is the backbone and backdrop held up behind every thing else that happens in the Word and Testimony of God. It is the very reason, purpose, hope, and promise of Life, held out to every sinful man that ever lived. It is at the core of the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who himself, became the sacrificial passover lamb, that opened the Way of God to both Jew and Gentile to receive God’s Promise of Eternal Life, accordingly to ALL who will  meet all the requirements of the Blood Covenant of God.


Those who responded to God’s message Faith, and God’s Mandate of Repentance (contained in the BLOOD COVENANT) were able to maintain a covenant relationship with God. Those who rejected God’s Blood Covenant Mandate, rejected the Plan of God for Salvation, and then continued to embrace their own plan (offered to them by Satan, the tempter, deceiver, and corrupter of all mankind). 


The rejection of God’s Plan of Salvation is the basis for every other false religion, counterfeit faith, and false belief system that man has ever instituted in order to avoid, deny, or outright rebel against the Plan of Salvation contained in the Blood Covenant of God.

When you think about it long enough and hard enough, you come to realize that God’s Plan of Salvation makes no real common sense apart from the Blood Covenant of God.

As a visual result, we can see clearly today, and throughout history, that every single person will either:

  1. Accept the Salvation plan of God (for the forgiveness of Sin–through the Blood Covenant of God), or he will …
  2. Reject the Plan of God (and choose some other counterfeit plan of their own created by Satan)And the visual results with be quickly evident to ALL who are able to see the signs of Repentance and the Signs of Rebellion. “You shall know them by their fruits.” “A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, neither can a bad tree produce good fruit.”


What we must realize is that our time here is very short (for us personally and for the World corporately): God has promised that once the God News of His Blood Covenant, and the substitutionary sacrifice offered for the forgiveness of sins has been brought to the entire population of the world, then a day will be instituted when every man, woman, and child, will come before God in judgment. And it will be decided according to how they responded to the Good News of God’s Salvation, and it will be determined whether they have accepted or rejected the Blood Covenant of God–and the Savior at the Core of it.

We will ALL be held accountable for what we know, what we have done, and how we have responded in our own consciences to the Plan of Salvation that God Himself has instituted to protect every one of us from the Wrath of God, that must come, and will be fulfilled, so that ultimate Justice will be served throughout the whole of God’s Creation. As a result, every one of God’s Creature will be held accountable to Him, and everyone will be served God’s Ultimate Justice–and that without prejudice or any kind of bias.

Please Note: if God does not Judge Unrighteousness, then he cannot by nature be a Good Judge. He must judge all sin fairly and without prejudice.

As you will well note if you do even a preliminary investigation, That God always sends a message of Repentance before He acts upon his own need to provide Justice to His Creation. Only one family upon the earth heeded God’s message and chose to escape the Wrath of God against all the unrighteousness of man–the rape, the murder, the slavery, bondage, sex trafficking, drug and alcohol abuse, the party spirit, sexual perversions, pedophilia, orgies, the false animal and human sacrifice, the wars, killing, massacres, evil governance, was judged, and such wickedness was soon to be cleansed from the earth–in the ancient flood of God.

Noah, a preacher of Righteousness, spoke for 120 years, warning the people of the earth that God’s Judgment was coming. But men refused to repent and so be saved.

Sodom and Gomorrah was warned about her impending doom and destruction, but she repented not. Not even ten righteous men could be found in her, and again only one family of four received mercy from God and escaped the Judgement of Fire upon the very Land of Sodom and Gomarrah. And this mercy was provided through the prayers of a faithful uncle who prayed for his nephew, but even that prayer could not save Lot’s wife who in direct disobedience to the Command of God was lost in the judgment of God’s Wrath against Sodom.

The leads us to the question: Do you think you are a good person? Do you think you would have died in the flood, or died in the shower of fire, or would you have survived the judgments of God?

Would you have allowed the God of mercy to have guided you into a place of repentance and faith? Or, would you have rejected the message of mercy, forgiveness through repentance and faith, and trusted in your own means of salvation?

A time is coming, and is almost here where another worldwide judgement is coming upon the Land, that is the promise of God: The Question remains … will you or I be ready for it?


Have you broken the first and second commandments? Have you made a god in our own image and in your own likeness that is NOT HOLY, and who will not JUDGE SIN, who will not PUNISH UNRIGHTEOUSNESS, who will not send the WRATH OF GOD against the enemies of God, both devils, demons, and the men deceived by them? Who will not judge those who follow devils doing the will of their Master: the Liar, Thief and Murderer from the Beginnning?

Have you allowed your culture, or God’s Word to shape your understanding of the the DESTRUCTION of GOD against all evil done in the midst of His Creation? Have you bowed down to an image created created by man, or even created by yourself? Have we chosen to Replace the Holy, Powerful, and Masterful God of All Creation, with your own weak and ignorant image of a god who suits your own personal delusions? (Most people have.)

If we have, we need to be awakened to our impending danger, doom, and destruction. We need to come out of our stupor. We need to be revived from our false reality. If we don’t we will become like all those before us who rejected God’s Word, and trusted in man’s ways to save them. There are literally thousands of examples throughout the entire testimony of God that we can read and receive as warnings for us today. There is nothing new under the Sun. What has happened in the past will happen again in the present, and again in the future. Those who choose not to learn from their past are doomed to repeat it.

Our job is simple. Pay Attention. Become Humble. Listen to God’s Record. Learn from those who have gone before you. Enter into the Blood Covenant of God, receive the Salvation of God from the Wrath of God, while it is still being offered and is still miraculously available to us. And, finally, don’t blame God for being: Righteous, Just, Holy, Pure, Clean, and Good. Instead, blame yourself for being wicked, unjust, unholy, impure, unclean, and patently evil in your thoughts towards God, and REPENT.

In other words, Allow God to be Who He is, and accept God on His Terms, choose to see your problem from God’s infinitely Wiser Eternal Perspective, and receive the Gifts that He is Able and Willing to Freely give you, if you will simply begin to accept God for Who He really IS.

Choose in Wisdom to SEE: the balance of God’s Holiness & Mercy, Righteousness & Compassion, Wrath & Mercy, Purity & Love. Return to God along with all those who will willingly, graciously, and miraculously, turn from their SIN, Seek God’s FORGIVENESS,  while Accepting Him, and All that He IS, according to His Plan, His Purpose, His Provision, His Power, and His Promise.


What we must understand that outside of God’s Salvation, there is no forgiveness from the Wrath of a Holy God. And outside of His Mercy, there is no hope of entering into His Presence Again, and becoming the person God originally intended us to be … fully functioning and fully connected to Him, all of His Creation, and Every Other Faithful Follower in His Heavenly Kingdom, in full agreement with all His ANGELS, all HIS PROPHETS, all his truthful evangelists, pastors, teachers, preachers, and apostles, who have been given the mandate to reach the whole world with the Gospel of forgiveness and Safety from the WRATH OF GOD TO COME.


GOD’S PLAN for you and I, is to be fully allve, fully truthful, fully honest, fully loving, fully caring, fully giving, and fully agreeing with the Perfect  Truth and Love of God.


“Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” 
Amos 3:3 (KJV) 


No they cannot.


But in order to come into agreement, two people must be able to see the problem between them, and the solution to the problem from the same perspective.

Thus, we have the Good Person Test.

This provides the reality check we need to take the next step in our journey of faith. It is the eye opening test that reveals the true nature of our eternal problem, and it brings it home to reality to where we truly live in our daily lives.

Below are several examples of people responding to the Good Person Test.


May this be an eternal benefit to you … as it has been to many who have gone before you.













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