What is the Call to Overcome?


As you likely have observed, History is CURRENTLY Repeating Itself:

  • Same as it did in Hitler’s Germany
  • Same as it did in Stalin’s Russsia
  • Same as it did in Mao’s China
  • Same as it did in Castro’s Cuba
  • Same as it did in Maduro’s Venezuela
  • Same as it did in Mandela’s South Africa,
  • The same is Happening Here in Bidden’s America.


Evil Governments (run by a global elite invisible power) are destroying their own people, their own economies, their own freedoms, and their own sanity. They are removing laws that protect people, protect families, protect businesses and property, and personal freedoms and rights. And they are making new laws that protect criminals, protect violence, protect gangsters, illegal aliens, the cartel, and  protect those who destroy property, and lie, and cheat, and cause billions of dollars of damage, to serve their own elitist agenda. These new laws also protect those who abuse power and protect pedophiles who run the global elitist agendas who are purely wicked and demonic leaders, without conscience or scruples. 


If this be true, where is my life headed? What will be my course? My Direction? My Hope? My Calling?

How can I Overcome?


Wicked leaders came to power and overthrew Germany, a so called Lukewarm Christian Nation. They successfully destroyed the world in a very few short time.

If they could do it then and there, they can do it here and now. In fact, they already have. Anyone remember the Vietnam war? 

One veteran, and many have confirmed that the Movie “Apocalypse Now” was probably the closest representation, he had seen revealing the real evil of the Vietnam War.

They have turned America into a wicked and evil nation.

You will notice the Church in Germany was silenced by their own refusal to tell the truth and be a voice of Reason in the society in which they lived. 

The same thing is happening today. The Church is being silent and not fighting against the Evil in which we live. We are silent.

This cannot remain the same, without grave and dire consequences.

Martin Niemöller, in the beginning of Nazi Germany, had a chance to fight against the evil machine, but he stayed quiet. Martin Niemöller had a voice that could have reached the Christian Church in Germany, but he stayed silent.

Today, Our churches are sitting on the same time bomb. It is going to blow up. That is inevitable, but will we go down as the ones who supported the bomb, or opposed the bomb. We actually have a bottom of our own. It has the power to destroy all the evil in the world. But if we remain silent the opposing bomb or destroy the world. Our bomb is the Power of the Truth, and of the Gospel of Repentance, and the call to Overcome?

That is the question: Will we overcome? Or will we be silent?

The truth be told we have a lot to overcome. Beginning inside our own lives. Beginning inside the walls of our home. The walls of our church. The walls of our society are crumbling all around us, and who is willing to stand in the gap? The church is the vehicle, she is the rock, her word of Truth, given to her by God himself is the only eternal hope given all society needs, and truth is based upon. She has the foundation, she has the spiritual authority, she has the spiritual call, she has everything she needs to accomplish her mission given to her by God himself. But what will she do?


Will she capitulate her duty and her responsibility, her right and her privilege as the church did in Nazi Germany?

Or will she see the call, pay the price, and do the work necessary to overcome the evil one?


1 John 2:13-15 (NIV)
13 I am writing to you, fathers,
because you know him who is from the beginning.
I am writing to you, young men,
because you have overcome the evil one.
14 I write to you, dear children,
because you know the Father.
I write to you, fathers,
because you know him who is from the beginning.
I write to you, young men,
because you are strong,
and the word of God lives in you,
and you have overcome the evil one.

There it is. This is our call, our privilege, our right, responsibility, and duty. Should we ignore It? Should we turn our back on it. Like others have done in times past? Or should we face it, and fight the good fight, run the good race marked out for us (do the good works prepared for us before the world was ever created)? Should we overcome the evil one, destroy his strongholds, his fortresses, his bastions of lies, deceit, wicked seductions, and manifold delusions.


If we choose to fight, we must equip ourselves first. No successful soldier goes into battle without his weaponry, wise training, and the minimal resources to win his every battle. Even King David took five smooth stones, and his confidence and courage in God’s Word, and in his previous training in overcoming both the Lion and the Bear? David took God’s Precious Gifts–even his most precious gift, His faith– in order to go into Battle, and defeat his dreaded enemy. We must do the same.


Below are a few short and mostly short videos that address many of the false lies that conform the modern Christian. 

Many believers have been seduced into worldly thinking. Many have even been trained in how to merge their beliefs with only those beliefs that are acceptable in the World. Like the eleventh Commandment.  

Please see this short message:



That leads us to more subject matter.

If you step out of line and say that the “killing a baby is the womb is wrong” Guess what will inevitably happen, even amongst modern so called christians? You will be told how judgmental, negative, legalistic, misognynistic, homophobic, and the list can go on, to cancel anything else you say, in order to shut you up, and keep you silent. Even your “good Christian” friends will chastise you, for not being nice, and then judge you, condemn you, and even be angry with you, for standing up for the killing of innocent children. 

This is pure evil. Jesus would call us an evil and adulteress generation.


Here where we need to draw a line. Who are we going the follow? Who is going to be our leader? Where are our feet going to take us? Down into the slippery slope into Hell? Or up the Royal Staircase to Heaven? 


If we want the upward call, we need to receive the upward marching orders. If I choose to reject the marching orders, am I not also refusing to receive the call? Am I not only disqualifying myself to run the race? Am I also not abdicating my duty to obey my Master? Am I not proving myself to be a false convert, false follower, false and deceitful pretender? What then will be my reward?


Matthew 7:21 (KJV)
Not every one that saith unto me, “Lord, Lord,”
shall enter into the kingdom of heaven;
but he that doeth the will
of my Father which is in heaven.


DOING THE WILL of the Father is the precursor for being a servant of heaven, which is a precursor for being a true citizen of Heaven.

Luke 6:46 (KJV)
And why call ye me,
Lord, Lord,
and do not the things
which I say?

That is a fair and common sense question the LORD would ask of everyone of his followers. If I do not the things that he says, I prove myself not be a genuine, authentic, or confirmed follower of the LORD, right? I can pretend all I want. I can say I am somebody that I am not. I can even convince myself that I believe and obey the King of Heaven. I can say I have a close walk with Jesus. I can say, “Jesus is my best friend.” I can even tell others about him, and lead others to repent of their sins, but if I refuse to repent of my sins, what does that say about my faith? I can even worship Jesus in a big way, even be a famous worship leader in a mega church. I can even have visions, and encounters, and even do miracles, but all that will be irrelevant, and will be subject to God’s judgment of my ways: and I will be judged by this: Did I do the Will of His Father in Heaven? 

One thing I know about the Will of the Father, is that I would overcome the war against sin in my own personal life. And then help others to win their own war against sin in their lives. “Freely your have received, Freely give!”


That is where becoming an overcomer means entering into warfare. Personal warfare, and corporate warfare.


And that begins with putting on the armor of God:





more to come … soon







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